Best Exercises for Your Back

When it comes to strengthening your body and becoming more physically capable, one of the most important areas is the back. Whether you go to the gym or you take the body-weight fitness approach, there are always tons of back exercises that you can do. One of the most iconic movements in the entire fitness world is the pull-up, which is an exercise that targets your back. The same goes for deadlifts, rows and tons of other moves that are practiced on a daily basis by many trainees across the world.

Today we’re going to give you advice about some of the best exercises that you can do for your back, so if you are interested in learning more, feel free to continue reading until the end. Let’s take a look.


We mentioned this once but it’s so important that we have to write about it in detail. The pull-up is an exercise that can be done literally anywhere. All you need is something to hang from, preferably a straight bar, and you just have to pull yourself up vertically. It can be quite hard for beginners and people that never worked out before, but this exercise has way too many benefits to pass it on. You never know when you’ll need to pull your entire body weight in order to save your life, so definitely practice it regularly.


Machine rowing in the gym is so common that some places have multiple machines in order to satisfy the hunger for this exercise. Rowing strengthens your entire back and allows you to get that amazing shape that you’ve always wanted. It isn’t so hard to do and it doesn’t require you to master a form before attempting to raise up the weight a bit, compared to our next exercise which is the deadlift. Feel free to visit for more information.


There’s a reason why this exercise is called the “king of all other exercises”. Performing just one repetition of a deadlift works as many muscles as performing ten different exercises for your back, legs and core. Although this is one of the most beneficial compound movements that you can do, you have to remember that this exercise can sometimes be a pretty risk if you don’t know what you’re doing. With light weights, however, it shouldn’t be any trouble at all, but don’t increase the weight until you completely master the form, which sometimes takes more than a year. By saying master, we really mean it.

Bent-over barbell row

This is just another variation of a rowing exercise that’s extremely effective both in strengthening your back muscles and your core. Your legs work as well because they’re holding the weight of your entire body plus the weight you have on the barbell. Go easy on this one until you master the form, it isn’t as complicated as the deadlift but if you are not being careful you can get injured with some of the easiest exercises. If you do it right however, you will see tremendous back gains in no time. The bent-over barbell row is a part of every good routine.