Top 7 Best Gifts for Cannabis Lovers 2024

Regardless of the time of the year or occasions, let’s admit it – you may be having a hard time looking for gifts to give to certain friends and family. Well, if by chance your loved ones are cannabis lovers, this choice must be really tough. It’s not always easy to think about creative or unique things that you might consider buying when it comes to someone who likes having a good time with this miraculous herb. In case you have no idea what to give them, we’re ready to provide you with seven perfect gifts for hemp lovers which would make any cannabis lover happy.

1. Rolling machine

Although many prefer to roll their own cigars, those who have ever tried a rolling machine, simply neglect old habits and recognize that it’s a very effective tool and saves them a lot of time. The only thing they need to do is to place the smoking paper, the amount of marijuana they want along with the mouthpiece and, in less than what you expect, you’ll have it perfectly rolled. Simply ideal for occasions when they want to prepare several at once and especially if they don’t want their joints to come in different sizes.

2. Bong, pipe or vaporizer

One of the most desired gifts of any hemp lovers is a pipe or a bong, no matter if they’ve already had one or they never had it, but they wanted it. These two, or whatever they use to enjoy the charms of cannabis. For example, the foldable silicone bongs have been some of the most successful pieces this year; very easy to clean and take anywhere. Ideal for the typical hemp fan who’s always on the move. It’s a great idea, since it’s much more comfortable and more effective than the manual rolling that they usually do. Portable vaporizers are becoming very fashionable and well-designed, especially for people who need medical marijuana to alleviate their diseases and their ailments. Thanks to this thing, they can have their own medical dose anywhere.

3. Seeds

With each passing day so many hemp fans are beginning to realize the advantages of growing their own herbs. One, it’s cheaper. Two, you can decide what type of it you want to plant. Three, you’re doing it without pesticides or chemicals and four, now it’s absolutely legal to grow it in many parts of the world. Whether your close friend is a beginner or veteran grower, a seed pack and a cultivation guide are always welcome gifts. Even experienced growers can discover interesting tips in a well-written book.

Those who really love it can have a plant in their own house for their own consumption, watching it grow and enjoying not only the beauty that this plant gives, but also using it to make meals or to make cigarettes. With quality seeds, you will get the plant to sprout in less than expected, as long as the planting and cultivation instructions are followed, giving it plenty of light and water. Perfect!

4. A cannabis cookbook

Given how many of us enjoy good cooking, it’s logical to assume that many will also enjoy cooking with cannabis. So, anyone who knows how to appreciate the culinary art will certainly value a professional cookbook full of delicious recipes with this plant.

As you know, the marijuana plant doesn’t only serve for smoking, but it has many other uses, such as gastronomic or culinary ones. In the market you can find many cookbooks exclusively dedicated to cannabis, being able to make everything, from cakes or muffins to other types of lovely, scrumptious food. That way they’ll be able to impress their friends with their cook skills, both for meals and for birthday parties, with an extra ingredient.

5. Beauty products

If you have a special woman in your life, surprise her with a high-end hemp beauty product. Today you can find shampoos and conditioners, lotions, perfumes, makeup, lip balms and even deodorant with hemp.

Normally, these products don’t really smell like weed and are very beneficial for your body. And, of course, it may also be a good gift for men, not only for women.

6. Cannabis-related quotes clothes

Both the Adidas and Nike brands have already created the sneakers with logos and marijuana and cannabis drawings, which can be rather cool for people who want to make their dedication and hobby embodied in their clothing. Therefore, it also seems like an outstanding gift for the fans.

Also, in many places on the internet you can find, swimsuits, vests, jackets, shirts… or any other piece of clothes with pot leaves or witty quotes related to this topic. Many of them are quite stylish and fashionable, but the best thing about this is that it can be given for any occasion. In case you haven’t seen such pieces, just check out – so many things to see there!

7. Weed grinder

Undoing the buds with your hands is an expensive and rudimentary process. Every marijuana lover should have their own grinder. This tiny machine is actually responsible for releasing the aroma of cannabis and making the herb come in smaller pieces so that when they light it, it burns evenly. All pot lovers should have one in order to make their consumption be of much more quality. Nowadays you can find grinders of all kinds in the market. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to search for those that have a rather striking design, coming in various, vivid colors, or with cannabis leaves engraved. Or, on the other hand, to seek others that are quite disguised and neutral, in silver or golden color or different designs that look like pillboxes or other utensils. This way they’ll go unnoticed with it anywhere in case it’s needed.

Once again – buying a gift to a cannabis type of person is definitely not an easy task. However, we hope that you’ll find something useful in this tiny list of suggestions. Remember that simply giving a cannabis gift shows that you share interests with your friend and makes a lovely memory for them.