4 Video Creation Mistakes You Are Making


If you are creating more video content to promote your business, then you’re headed in the right direction. But if you aren’t seeing results even after creating a lot of video content, you are probably making some mistakes.

Therefore, to help you avoid making them, I have shared the common mistakes people make while creating videos and also included tips on how to counter them…


1. Not doing any research:

This is probably the most common mistake people make while creating videos. They think that instead of finding out what the audience wants, they will create content that they think their audience should consume. This is a huge recipe for disaster.

If you are serious about getting more video views, you should do a lot of research to find out what your audience wants and then create content they will consume.

So, spend an ample amount of time on the research. First, do some interviews to learn more about your audience’s interests. Next, interview some of the survey participants to gather more information. When you interview people you should pay attention to how they respond to the questions and what they look like. Make sure you record all the calls.

The next thing you need to do is use all the information you collect through the above methods to understand your audience on an emotional level. You can do this by creating an empathy map.

After you create your empathy map, you should use should neatly organize the data from here and from your earlier methods into a persona. This will help picture your audience better.

Researching your audience and understanding their interests, is only one part. As you also need to study the competition and see what they are doing and what’s working for them. So, study your competitors’ video content to see which ones are performing best. You should also check what isn’t working for them so that you can steer clear of creating that content.

After that, you can brainstorm topic ideas and create your content. In the beginning, only work on topics that tie in well with your products. After you complete those, you can create the rest.

2. Not editing your videos:


Another mistake people make while creating videos is not editing them at all or not editing them properly. You might be cautious to include the right content in the video, but you are bound to make mistakes and include a lot of things that need to be cut out. So, get yourself a video editing tool like Screencast-O-Matic to discard all the mistakes, or hire an expert to help you edit your videos.

Don’t be afraid to cut out a lot of the content if you have to. Your aim while editing should be to include the best relevant bits. Everything else can go.

Also, try to separate the creation phase from the editing phase. Don’t begin editing while you are recording your videos as this can mess up your creativity. Set some time for creating the videos and another time for editing them. You can leave a few days in between as you will be able to approach the video with a different mindset.

3. Spending very little time on promotion:

This is a very common mistake people make as they think that video creation is only about creation. But what they don’t realize is that video marketing is very competitive. There are a lot of people out there creating video content that is as good as theirs, if not better. You won’t automatically generate views, just because you publish quality content out there. You need to promote it to get those views.

The top marketers actually spend 80% of their time promoting and 20% of the time creating content. So, you too should spend more time promoting than creating. Here are the different tactics you can use to promote your videos:


Influencer marketing: Team up with influencers and ask them to share your videos on social media. This will help you get way more views than just sharing it on yours. But be careful about the influencers you work with. There are too many fake accounts out there with fake followings. You can use a good influencer marketing tool like SocialBook to find influencers with high engagement rates and relevant followers.

Social media sharing: Share your videos on social media to generate organic views.

Ads: You can also run video ads on various platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Take advantage of these to get views quickly. But remember that advertising will cost more than influencer marketing. It might take a lot less time to execute it though.

Not using the right platforms: While doing the research on what content to create, you also need to figure out what platforms work best. As not, all your followers will be active on all the networks. Also, you don’t want to be active on all social media as it will take up a lot of time.

So, while conducting surveys and interviews and while analyzing your competitors’ accounts, find out what networks they are active on and then choose the best 3 to 5 networks. After you master a presence on these networks, you can begin incorporating several more.

4. Not converting leads:


Another mistake people make while creating videos is that they focus on vanity metrics such as views and followers. These metrics will play some role in helping you grow your account, but they won’t always add to your bottom line. This is why instead of vanity metrics you need to focus on goals and KPIs such as traffic, leads, and sales.

So, make sure you accompany your videos with a well-planned funnel. And then work towards sending people through the funnel.

This will help you make some money and invest it back into your video marketing strategy.


These are the 4 common video creation mistakes most people make. Avoid them to see your results skyrocket.