Best Options For Cowboys In The First Round Of NFL Draft

Now when the season is over for most teams, they are looking at the future and the offseason that is just as important as a training camp or pre-season preparations. Teams need to do a good job in order to be competitive during the season and in matches. The key to a successful year is the NFL Draft.

All squads have their needs and holes in their lineup that they need to fill. Some holes are big, and there are many of them, like the ones that Cleveland Browns have, but not all franchises need to rebuild their roster in the draft. Some just need to tweak it just a little bit. Cowboys are one of those teams.

The offense is set. They have used a lot of first round picks on the offensive linemen in the past couple of years. It’s safe to say that they have the best offensive line in the game, with one of the best running backs in the league playing behind it. Quarterbacks are there, receivers are in place as well. In later rounds, they might go out there and pick a wideout, but not at the top of the draft.

They will focus on the defensive side of the ball, and one of their potential guys with their 28th overall pick is Takkarist McKinley, a defensive end from UCLA. Cowboys need pass rushers and they can no longer rely on Randy Gregory. McKinley has a double-digit sack potential and could be a good pick for the Cowboys.

They might want to boost their secondary so Teez Tabor, a cornerback from Florida, could be a good pick. This man gives up some plays but gets his hands on a lot of footballs.

The linebacker position is one of the most important ones as they are usually the leaders of the defenses. You need a versatile guy that can cover both running backs and take on some big tight ends. Jarrad Davis from Florida is a very instinctive linebacker who is big enough to take both running backs and tight ends. He is also a good first-round choice for Dallas if he is still on the board when Cowboys are on the clock.