Best Places to Hide Money, Documents and Jewelry at Your Home


For those who grew up with nosey siblings, hiding money is an essential skill. If you are thinking of hiding cash or any other important valuables at home, then you have to know that security is the best way to go. In fact, you might think about investing in a small safe so that you can hide at home. However, there are plenty of free ways to stash away valuables so that no one ever finds them.


These hiding places will make it so that no one can find your money, jewelry, or important documents without asking you first.

Tennis Balls

You can hide your money within a tennis ball inside of a canister. When was the last time you thought to look inside a tennis ball for anything?

Bottom of Your Drawer


This may seem like an obvious hiding place, but that’s only if you hide money in the sock drawer. With this location, you use the underside of the bottom-most drawer. You can tape an envelope of cash or even a larger letter holder to the bottom of a drawer where no one will look. When was the last time you ever checked under a drawer?

Inside a Curtain Rod

If you have a curtain rod with fancy fixtures that detach, you can simply roll up important documents or money to stash away inside of your curtain. You can take the ends off any time to get access to your money.

Fake Electrical Wall Outlets


While you can use a real electrical wall outlet, there are some safety issues with wires. Instead, you can purchase a fake electrical wall outlet that matches your other outlets in color. Then, you simply cut a hole and place your fake outlet over it.

Barbasol or Coke Can Safe

These are easy to make with an extra can of soda, and you can stash them anywhere. There are also online stores that sell these types of safes just for this reason.

That One Book on Your Shelf

You probably have a book on your shelf that you never read that no one else will either. This is the perfect place to hide jewelry, cash, or some other small valuables. You simply cut out the center of the book and hide it on the shelf with your other books.

That One Mug You Never Use

Do you have a mug that sits at the back of the cupboard? Perhaps it’s too hard to reach. In any case, if no one ever uses it, then they probably won’t ever find your valuables in there either.

Inside Your Freezer


There are lots of ways to use your refrigerator as a hiding place. One of the best ways is by hiding your valuables in a baggy inside of an old Tupperware or something that no one will ever want to eat. It should look like something that says, “How long has that tub of ice cream been at the back of the freezer?”

Tape It to the Bottom of Your Car Seat

If you have money to hide but don’t want to risk it in the house, you can always tape it to the bottom of your car seat. This can be a risky place if you are getting your car detailed, but in general, you can’t ever find anything once it goes under the car seat anyway.