How To Have Endless Fun With Browser Games


The Internet is home to some amazing browser games that have kept us entertained for hours. During times where high-end PC’s were the stuff of dreams, browser games were there to satisfy our gaming needs.

They are convenient games that are played through your browser and excellent nostalgia bombs.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the most popular browser games that you can still play.

1. Vikings Village


In Vikings Village, you play a ginger Viking where you have to beat up other Vikings over being called ginger. The goal of the game is to beat up enough people in your village to maintain your status as the number one Viking on the leaderboard. But punching your way to the top of the leaderboard isn’t your only method. Namely, you can throw objects towards your opponent’s heads, and you can also use your abilities. The game is super fun to play and is still being updated at the time of writing.

2. Blast Arena


Much similar like the super popular NES game Bomberman, Blast Arena employs similar play style in a voxel version of the game itself. Its browser-based and you square up against 3 other anonymous players. Your goal is to destroy all other players by placing bombs that explode after a few seconds. You start with one bomb and you have to destroy players and walls to yield power-ups.

The power-ups can eighter increase your explosion radios, speed, and you can even carry more bombs. As soon as you clear a pathway to the other players, you can start destroying them. The game ends when there is only one player left in the game. This game is still in beta; however, Blast Arena is super fun, addictive, reminds us of the old days, and you can find it on unblocked games.

3. LaserSharks


In LaserSharks you play a shark that has a laser attached to its head. The goal of the game is to hunt other sharks that call the game their home and eliminate them. In the playing surface, small fish reside and you can eat them to acquire energy. The energy is used to swim faster and gain XP faster. Whenever you fire your laser, you lose movement and become an instant target for other players. The game requires strong thinking and not charging the enemy like a mad Norseman. If you miss, you expose yourself and can get zapped straight back by other players, so make sure to use your laser wisely. The game is never ending and there is a leaderboard showing the total game time by players and how many sharks they’ve hunted.

4. Isleward


In Isleward, you choose your own character and make your own destiny in the city of Strathford. The game is a multiplayer rogue-like browser game that lets you choose your own path and destiny. In the city of Strathford, you will make your name and quest up to gain glory and fame. In the game, you can convince other players to share your adventure and slay monsters together. In Isleward you are much stronger in a party than playing solo, and it makes it much more fun as well. Isleward is huge with a whole world open for you to explore, lots of islands, lots of caves, and ultimately, lots of loot and gear for you and your party.