The 7 Best Players of All Time


There are a great number of players around the world that made history in football. From the most legendary ones to the ones that are still playing and showing the world something magical, we’ve made a list of the 7 best players of all time. Now let’s take a look at the coolest football players.

7 – Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is certainly, nowadays, one of the best players in the world. He has already won many individual awards and important titles with both clubs and the National Team. By the way, here you can read more information about sports betting.

Differently from many names that will appear in this list, CR7 has improved his skills with time and a lot of training. He didn’t shine that much when he was a little boy, like others did, but he focused on getting better and better until he became what he is today.

Apart from that, another thing that shows all his skills is that he was able to score, win titles and shine in different teams, leagues and countries.

6 – Alfredo Di Stefano

Before total football, there was the total player: Alfredo Di Stefano. He was responsible for making Real Madrid what they are today: one of the biggest football clubs in the world, always fighting for important titles.

He was one of the football players that used to go beyond the limits and, according to most people who were able to see him playing and had a good source, he is considered one of the most amazing players ever. And even those who didn’t see him respect his story and admire his talent.

5 – Franz Beckenbauer

This man is not just a brilliant former player or winning coach. He is the personification of a school that manages to simply go through history winning and adapting. If anyone says that Germany is actually the country of football, it will be difficult to argue. There are about five hours of debate at the bar table.

Beckenbauer, who has won many titles and played amazing football, symbolizes everything the German football stands for. Perseverance, quality of playing, focus during the whole match, and the eternal search for the victory. Later, he also became an influential figure in sports in general.

4 – Diego Armando Maradona

Don Diego, as fans used to call him, was one of the most important players in the history of Argentina’s football and also a very important part of football around the world. Maybe he was one of the most passionate players that ever played this amazing game. Maradona really loved football with all he got.

He may have not been as decisive as some other names in this list, but his presence was so important to the clubs, his image meant so much for football itself, that he is certainly one of the greatest of all time.

3 – Johan Cruyff

Even though Johan Cruyff was not able to win a World Cup with his National Team, he certainly was an important piece in the world of football. He was a symbol of the best team Netherlands ever had, being recognized worldwide for his amazing skills inside the pitch.

His best time as a player was certainly for Ajax, being able to lift the Champions League trophy for three years in a row with the Dutch club. Afterwards, playing for Barcelona, he was also an important piece of the team. He didn’t win the UCL as a player for Barca, but was able to get this title as manager of the Catalan club.

2 – Lionel Messi


Some people will just complain about Messi never winning a world cup and, because of that, not being able to be considered as one of the biggest players of all time. But that does not make any sense. Other names here in the list, like Cristiano Ronaldo and Cruyff, also didn’t win a World Cup and that doesn’t make them any less amazing. It is also very convenient to keep track of sports predictions, because this way you can understand which of your favorite players wins.

The same goes to Messi. Differently from players that are way too old for us to watch their careers, Lionel is part of the world of football nowadays. Many people saw his first game for Barcelona and continue on watching him until today. And what we see, basically every season, is simply incredible.

It is not impossible to consider that he is not from this world, as Lionel Messi showed amazing skills since he was just a kid. And during some matches, he makes some plays that are simply magical. An amazing player for sure.

1 – Pelé

Some people, specially the younger ones, will not agree with Pelé being considered the greatest football player of all time and that is understandable. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the chance to watch the king playing and being mesmerized by his talents.

However, there is no doubt of his greatness, as he was the key player for Brazil National Team during the most unique moment of the country’s history in the world of football. Brazil dominated during those years, winning titles and more titles, and scoring many goals with Pelé.

He changed the game with his athletics, stopped wars, changed the fate of his home club and even from an entire nation’s image across the world. And, of course, he won simply everything a player could ever want. Until today, his amazing skills are able to impress fans around the world of football and his records are hard to approach.

Just Messi got near him, by reaching the same quantity of goals scored for a single club. And that is why both of them are at the highest places at this list. Because Messi is the second best footballer of all time, and Pelé is, undoubtedly, the best player of all time.