Best Project Management Tools for Collaboration

In the recent modern workplace, online collaboration tools are vital elements. And because it isn’t a place, you should adopt a well organized and central space for your project communication and documentation. You might have a client in London, a developer in Paris, and your marketing team in New York. However, you have to ensure all your documents, processes, schedules, and deadlines are under the same roof.

Using an online collaboration tool enables you to have a collaborative workflow through online storage for documentation, file sharing, collaborative platform for members discussion, and real-time collaboration.

With many professionals going on board with several Project Management tools, it becomes a requirement to understand the uses, functions & fees of it. The uses of Project Management Tools includes creating & tracking projects, generating reports, billing, improving efficiency, etc. Sprout24 presents an article based on PMT for a brief understanding.

Here are the best project management tools for collaboration:

1. Asana

This is among the known project management collaborative tools. Comparing Basecamp vs Asana, this management collaboration tool provides users with a chance to assign tasks to others. Besides, they can add more users to projects and follower the deadlines.

Asana can be said to provide top-notch services in managing all types of tasks. Despite many people finding it confusing, this software is flexible and has capabilities worth the initial effort. You can check out Nifty for more on some differences.

2. Trello

Trello is a management solution. It is a famous software having powerful features, functionality, and an attractive interface. The program uses cards that you assign and categorizes projects to make the process simpler.

The reason why this software is a leading management tool is because of its highly intuitive system. The vendor also provides the users with a comprehensive free trial to learn about it’s features.

Nevertheless, this product can be used regardless of the environment, including users who are looking for mobile solutions such as Android and iOS devices. The developer’s API and integrations enable this management collaborative solution to work perfectly with existing business systems.

3. is another excellent online collaboration tool that has won numerous awards for communication and collaboration. is easy to use, highly intrusive solutions, and well-designed to synchronize all your data. Besides, it gives a chance to agents and team members to create critical decisions.

The popularity of this software is reflected by ranking first among the top online project management tools. Its system helps to collate and display progressive information in a logical and easy to understand. By doing so, all the team members can track their operations and projects. An added advantage is where you’re allowed to use free features for some time and evaluate whether this software matches what you’re looking to get.

4. Wrike

This project management solution is an enterprise-grade that suits all businesses. The software features address numerous things a project management software will need and becoming among the popular products you can find in the market.

Besides, Wrike project management solution is a reliable collaboration tool that promotes better communication and execution. However, numerous things make this project management collaborative software among the best such as a three-pane project review that helps to display all essential information from a single console.

An added advantage, a user, can test-drive the software features with its free trial. Besides, it is an affordable type of project management collaborative software.

5. Jira

Jira is a powerful project management solution. It is a popular collaboration tool among many businesses. Most users consider it because it helps capture, assign, and even set their work priorities.

This product is highly recommended because it aids users in managing their whole app development process and ensuring all phases have been covered.

An added advantage is that this product is easy to use and has a simple interface that promotes collaboration among team members. By doing that, it helps them accomplish their tasks fast.

The software can also be used to plan, track, or even release a market-ready program. With this platform, the user can create issues and stories, along with planning and assigning tasks to individual members.

The wondrous thing is that the vendor gives the users an appealing free trial to tinker with its features before making.

6. Workamajig Platinum

This is another essential collaborative tool that is multifunctional and fully-integrated software. It is suitable for in-house creative teams and ad agencies to streamline their processes, such as project planning, organizing, and management.

Among other vital features that make this tool outstanding is its collaboration promotion through scheduling, productivity enhancement, communication, and alert generation.

Besides, this cloud-based tool provides its users with the solution they need for agency management, CRM, resource management, and accounting. For individuals having their apps, they can perform unique roles with this tool.

It is an excellent tool because users can consider it. After all, it gives organization members the data they need. If you have this tool, it can help you develop new project opportunities, generate critical insights, and keep on track.

Nevertheless, it is sold using different pricing models. The user will choose depending on the available plans the vendor provides.

7. Clarizen

Clarizen is an essential powerful project management solution that helps to boost your organization’s performance. Many companies consider this collaborative tool for its useful features.

This management tool contains robust project management features and high-quality social collaboration. These help to align teams to make ideas ready for execution.

The platform has an added advantage of being easy to deploy. It provides you with an ideal work structure as it links tasks, projects, and conversations. Moreover, the vendor offers the users with a comprehensive free trial to allow them to speed with the features.

8. Podio

This is another collaboration system highly recommended for easy organization of tasks and projects. The users also consider it because it facilitates communications for the teams.

Collaboration and task completion for this project management tool is made easier to reduce confusion. You can use it to organize and monitor communication that involves receiving urgent messages and monitoring communication.

Bottom Line

The above list consists of the best project management collaborative tools for you. By now, you’re sure of the platform that suits your needs. However, before deciding on the software to use, consider what you want before committing to service quickly.