6 Most Popular Sports in Australia


The remote country of Australia is unique in its landscapes, wildlife, and many other things, but especially in its choice of sports. Like in any other country, in Australia sport is extremely enjoyed both as a recreation activity and as entertainment, but some of those sporting activities stand out more than the others.

As a foreigner, you might end up being very surprised when you learn about Australia’s favorite sports. You even might be wondering, what’s this sport even about?

Well, luckily for you, in this article, we decided to bring you a detailed list of the most acclaimed sports in Australia. So without further ado, let’s begin!



Australian Football or „footy“ is by far the most popular sport in the country. Even though it bears a slight resemblance to rugby, it’s a completely different sport with its own set of rules, the most obvious difference being in the shape of the court. Footy is played on an oval court, which makes it completely unique compared to rugby.

It’s a sport that’s widely played all across Australia with over 25 000 teams, and the Grand Finale of the Australian Football attracted over 8 million people throughout the nation in 2017. In recent times, the sport has been gaining more and more international attention, especially in China.

All in all, it’s an extremely fun sport to watch and it has deep roots in the Australian tradition.



You’ve probably seen this sport in your favorite English TV Shows like Downtown Abbey. But did you know that the sport is widely popular outside of England too? Australians are one of the biggest cricket fans in the world, especially in recent times.

Cricket might look a bit unusual to some, but it’s an incredible sport that takes years upon years to master. In Australia, people enjoy cricket in the warm summer days all around the country’s beautiful parks and picnic sites. It’s also one of the most-watched sports in the country, and when you consider the great results Australia’s national team has made in recent years, it’s no wonder at all.

Football (Soccer)


Football or soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, and Australia is no different. It’s one of the most-watched outdoor sports in the country, and about 4 million Australians watch the World Cup regularly. Australia has its widely watched domestic soccer league, and their national team had some giant successes on the international scale. These factors are what make the sport so popular.

The game was introduced to Australia more than a century ago, and its popularity is only increasing. So yes, soccer definitely deserves its place on this list!



While similar to footy in some aspects, rugby is still a game of its own. It’s a sport that’s widely enjoyed in Australia, and it has two forms: Rugby league and Rugby Union. These are different, but both are a variation on rugby and are extremely popular in the country.

It’s important to note that Australia’s National Rugby Union team or „the Wallabies“ has been extremely successful as they won the world cup twice already. On the other hand, the National Rugby League, or NRL, is one of the most-watched sports in the country (more than 6 million viewers around the nation).



While tennis is much less popular than Rugby, Cricket, or Footy, it’s still one of the more recognized sports in the country. One of the Grand Slam tournaments, the Australian Open, makes Australia one of the world’s most famous tennis centers. The last year’s Australian Open tournament has brought more than 780 000 Australian spectators.

Both the women’s and men’s tennis tournaments are widely watched in Australia and the popularity of the sport is increasingly growing. For the freshest tennis news, game schedules, and everything about tennis, you can visit IPTL World. This is why we couldn’t finish this list without mentioning tennis at least once!



Basketball is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Many think it’s due to the American NBA influence. Whatever the reason, basketball now has over one million players in Australia. This is a huge number for a sport that’s nowhere near the popularity of Footy and others. Still, this means that this sport will only continue to grow in Australia, and it may become the number one sport in the country if the trend continues.

Thousands of Australians regularly spectate their National Basketball League (NBL), and every little town or village in the country seems to have its own basketball court. So yes, mentioning basketball in this list is a huge must-do for us.



Australia is famous for its marathon events. Australians are huge fans of this sporting activity, and there is a number of races organized all over the country. The biggest one is probably The Great Ocean Road Marathon that’s organized every May.

Australia is not only famous for loving to run, but it has also produced some of the greatest sprinters of all time (John Treloar).

So yes, if you’re a fan of marathons, Australia is the right place for you! Everyone should try it at least once, and it’s one of the healthiest sporting activities one can participate in.

I’m visiting Australia, how can I attend or participate in sports there?

If you’re interested in playing or attending sporting events while in Australia, you should definitely do a lot of research before you go. It all depends on the area and on the sport you want to try out. Plan everything ahead, and don’t forget to ask Australians! There are places online like Kevsbest, where you can find some great advice and tips for anything related to Australia!

All in all, there is a rich tradition and love surrounding sports in Australia, and you definitely can and should experience it if you get a chance.

The takeaway

Australia is a country that has a rich tradition surrounding sports. The most popular one is definitely Australian Rules Football or Footy, but Rugby, basketball, cricket and many more don’t fall much behind.

All in all, if you ever visit Australia, exploring the sports culture is a must! It’s an experience unique to this remote country, so don’t miss out! Go run a marathon, watch a game of footy, or go and play some cricket in the local park, but do not miss your chance to enjoy at least one of these while you’re in this beautiful country.