The 9 Best Rave Costumes And Outfits For 2024


Summer holidays are just a few months away, and that means raves, festivals, and lots of wacky costumes and outfits for this 2024. EDC Las Vegas, Ultra Music Festival, Electric Zoo, and many more festivals are all waiting for you to show up in your brand new rave costume that will take everyone by surprise.

But do you even have a costume or an outfit ready for such an event? Picking the best one is nothing but a matter of subjectivity.


I mean, it’s a rave after all. Some people show up in their pajamas while others in their girlfriend’s clothes; there are no rules. But one thing’s for certain; the raves in 2024 will be super lit.

To help you make the decision of which costume or outfit to get for 2024, we’ve decided to make a list of the best ones. So, let’s rave.

1. Neon Colors


Name a better duo than neon and EDM; we’ll wait. But seriously, neon has always been a huge hit in the END scene. It’s so big that numerous performers pick clothes specifically from neon colors.

If the Dj’s are doing it, why aren’t you? Neon clothes are the best way to express your inner wackiness and your skills in the EDM scene.

If you’re ever in doubt as to what to wear to the next rave, then you’ll always have the full support of a cute neon top and shorts.

2. Clouds


The newest EDM trend is to wear clothes with colored prints resembling fluffy clouds. What better way to show off your body on the rave floor than with a sassy “cloud” top paired with a holographic mini skirt?

Although not everyone’s cup of tea, cloud prints are definitely highly regarded on the EDM scene, with more and more creative combinations appearing online as we speak.

3. Trippy Prints


If clouds weren’t your thing, then trippy prints must be. Who doesn’t enjoy a good EDM trip while dancing your head off?

But also, what better way to make a statement on the rave than with trippy prints that will make the next guy drool in jealousy.

When it comes to trippy costumes and outfits, the options are endless. You can literarily handpick a few ones and still feel as if you’re missing something; they’re that good.

Whenever on the market for trippy prints, make sure to go for crazy and wild patterns that will draw more eyes to you.

4. Reflective Clothing


Reflective clothing is a newer trend in the festival scene that everyone is down to.

While these clothing will not necessarily reflect you, they’re still fun and intuitive enough to fall into this category. Most of the reflective clothing is made out of special material that glows when it comes into contact with light.

A brilliant addition to this rave outfit is to wear head accessories. This could be anything from neon makeup to crazy masks that will scare the living hell out of the person next to you.

You can find some of these accessories at One of their hottest products is the Purge Mask specially designed for your next rave.

5. Butterfly Clothing


A polar opposite of the reflective clothing and outfits, butterfly clothing is exactly what it sounds; clothes and outfits made with butterfly patterns.

When it comes to looking cute and having every guy ask for your number, butterfly clothing will do exactly that. But this outfit will not work on its own. Namely, to make this work, you’ll also need the help of butterfly accessories. This can be anything from a mask, to face paint, makeup, and various other accessories that will make you glow on the dance stage.

6. Rainbows!


Did someone ask for the best rave costume? Have you been to a rave? Have you noticed the five hundred rainbow outfits?

The rainbow theme is so popular and common at EDM parties that you cannot go wrong with it. What better way for a gal to express herself than with a full rainbow outfit?

When it comes to choosing the outfit, your options range from single pieces to full outfits. What’s even more interesting is that you can choose which color to be presented more.

However, the golden rule of a rainbow outfit is to create your own unique style that everyone will want to copy. You might think this is borderline impossible since we’ve seen all there is to this style. Well, this is where the challenge lies for all of you rave heads that want to look extra special on the night.

7. Dragons & Flames


A rather new and provocative trend, dragons & flames refers to an EDM clothing style that involves see-through t-shirts with dragon & flame neon patterns all over.

This trend, like we said, is relatively new but gaining a lot of traction.

8. Mesh & Layer


Name us a gal you know that doesn’t love rocking a mesh on the EDM floor?

Simply put, mesh & layer type outfits are yet another one of those that you cannot go wrong on the night. Mesh is yet another see-through type of clothing that exposes everything beneath.

While most gals own one, a lot are hesitant to wear it in public. That’s because the true home of mesh clothing is the dance floor.

9. Holographic Clothing


Holographic items and clothing seem to be getting more and more popular amongst EDM lovers and festival heads.

Stores are full of holographic bikinis, bodysuits, shorts, tee’s, tops, tanks, hoodies, etc.

With hundreds of options for holographic clothing, not owning a single item is like failing the genre.

As a side bonus, holographic outfits go perfectly well with badass chunky heel platforms that will elevate you on a different level.

With dozens of options ready and tested, choosing a particular outfit or style is all down to personal preference. As we said before, there is no “best” outfit or clothes when it comes to raving. Each person has its own preference, and this article is just here for reference.