Best Signing Spots For Tony Romo

The Dallas Cowboys have said that they are going to let go Tony Romo. Then, there were reports that instead of just releasing him, they are going to look to get something in return for this guy via the trade. It seems that nobody really wanted to make a move since other teams knew that they could get Romo by signing him and not giving up anything, so the Cowboys will have to revert to their original plan and release the veteran signal caller.

The squads that are looking to add the backup quarterback have already found what they are looking for. But, there are teams that are still looking for the starting quarterback, and there aren’t many better options than Tony Romo.

Cleveland Browns might be the answer as they are craving for a signal caller while being the team that has the most money to spend. But, they are not a contender, and Tony Romo will be looking to go to a team that can win.

Buffalo Bills is the squad that could also be on the lookout for another QB. The downfall to Romo signing with them is the fact that they are in the division with the Patriots, so you know that winning is not going to be easy for him as a member of the Bills.

Two teams that are the most serious landing spots for Romo are the Broncos and the Texans. Denver has some nice weapons on the offensive side of the ball, while their defense is legit and one of the best in the NFL. The same can be said for the Texans, who are looking for a quarterback now that Osweiler is not on the team anymore. Both of these squads would get much better with the addition of Romo. Denver does have some young guys at the QB position, so if we were to chose one spot for Romo, it would be the Houston Texans.