7 Best Software to Track a Cell Phone


A reliable cell phone tracker is nothing but pure bliss. With the help of this tiny piece of technology, anyone can have a good night’s sleep as they will be aware of the places where their loved ones visit behind their back.

The best part of the story is, you don’t have to take-up any risks or do something stupid sort of thing like follow the target everywhere to know about their location. But, you need to pick the best breed product to enjoy such kind of easy location tracking.

There are plenty of location trackers present in the market and each one claims to be just perfect. But, they are not.

While selecting a reliable cell phone location tracker, you need to maintain a safe distance from the ones that are using rooting or jailbreak for the location tracking.

Picking the right kind of cell phone location tracker is a hectic job. Don’t worry; we won’t let you do the struggle as we are going to talk about the top 7 cell phone location tracker that you can bank upon. Read the post and you will know more about them.

1 – Spyic

Spyic cell phone tracker is great choice as this one is highly advanced and keeps the entire job free from all kinds of risks.

It is tough to keep tabs on a person’s movement. But, Spyic has it all that it takes. Not only us; millions of others have shown trust in this cell phone location tracker and have used it already.

As it is available for use in 190 nations, it is globally recognized. Don’t believe us; check out the Spyic reviews in leading media houses like The New York Times and Forbes and we will hear only praise and appreciation.

Wondering how to track your kid’s cell phone location using Spyic, read about some of the best way here.

Let’s talk about some of its key qualities:

There are no risks to haunt you

Spyic’s cell phone location tracking technology is entirely free from any rooting/jailbreak. This simply implies that you don’t have to bear the wrath of risks like reduced phone performance and compromised security while trying to locate someone’s phone location.

Also, it never saves data on the server and exposes it later to some kind of malicious cyber world activity. This way, it is easier to remain tension-free about the security of your crucial information. It will remain safe and sound throughout the process.

No need to own a technical degree to use it

Spyic is very easy-to-use and has kept the entire process of location tracking very easy with its user-friendly interface.

Spyic for iOS comes with a 100% web-based interface that demands zero installation and set-up. Anyone can start spying on other’s iPhone by simply knowing the valid iCloud details of the targeted person.

For Android devices, Spyic offers a simple app that comes with a simple set-up. The app is less than 2MB in size which means you need only 5 minutes to complete the process.

Data that you can bank upon

Spyic captured data in real-time and delivers it with timestamps. Such quality data gives you the confidence to confront your target without any hassle. Also, it gives you accurate details as the data delivery is direct.

Clandestine performance

With features like stealth mode and remote desktop, Spyic can cover your tracks completely. These features completely hide the presence of spy app targeted phones and make them completely invisible.

2 – Spyier

Spyier is a one-of-its-kind cell phone location tracker that is worthy of trust and money. The reasons for this statement are:

  • Its ability to keep the involvement of targeted phones at a bare minimum level. It can fetch the data from miles away and don’t force you to follow your target.
  • Its real-time data capturing ability lets you find out about the Wi-Fi and GPS based location details of the targeted person.

3 – Minspy

Minspy is our third choice as this remote phone monitoring app has every single feature that a high-end cell phone location tracker should have. It is risk-free, easy-to-use, and doesn’t pocket-pinch you much.

It delivers the best ROI as:

  • It is an ensemble tool for you. With one single tool, you can keep track of 35 kinds of phone activities at once. Along with the location, you can find out about call history, SMS, web-browsing history, and many other activities from miles away.
  • It offers an in-built keylogger for reliable phone tracking.

4 – Spyine

If this is the first time that you are trying your hand at location tracking and you don’t want to use any complex tool then Spyine is the best pick for you.

With a web-based interface (for iOS) and quick set-up facility (for Android), it has simplified the entire process of location tracking. There is no hefty software download/installation involved in the process.

To explain things in a better way, there are live demos on the website for both the solutions.

5 – Neatspy

Can you imagine knowing the Wi-Fi and GPS based location details from miles away? Yes, it is very much possible. With the help of Neatspy, you can find out all the location details without following the target person. Such an advance is its technology.

With Neatspy, there is no need to walk on the bumpy roads and face risks like compromised phone security and reduce phone performance as it works without rooting/jailbreak.

6 – TeenSafe


TeenSafe has won millions of already and finally made a place in our list. It is because of its ability to help a hacking expert or a novice to some extent. TeenSafe is indeed a blessing in disguise for all of us.

With a monthly expense of $10 per month, this is the best deal that one can ever make on cell phone location tracking.

7 – Fonemonitor

We would like to wrap this post with Fonemonitor, a well-famed phone monitoring tool that can be used on iOS and Android phones to easily track GPS and Wi-Fi based location.


Wrapping up

As long as you are taking the help of these 7 best cell phone location trackers, there won’t be any hassles and hurdles. Easy cell phone location is possible with them.