Powered Access Solutions For Your Business – 2024 Guide

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Businesses often require accessing tight spaces where the issue of height is always real. Well, for those businesses that are left wondering how to do it, we would like to introduce you to the world of powered access solutions.

Powered access solutions refer to solutions that come in the form of platforms that enable you to work at any height, depending on the limit of the platform.

These have become the norm in solving a lot of issues and tasks that require height, and are frequently used in numerous industries across the world.

The biggest issue that comes with accessing such heights is the issue of safety. One wrong step and you’ll get yourself into a lot of trouble, and potentially even danger.

So, to eliminate these issues, the powered access solution industry has addressed all the safety requirements and produces platforms up to standards of safety.

Furthermore, it is advised against people using these platforms to be on them for longer periods of time. So, the industry has had to adapt to provide the user with a versatile platform to complete the task at hand in a timely manner.

But with all that said, what are the things that your business should look for when purchasing these platforms? As with anything in life, certain details have to be taken into consideration to ensure critical success and not a critical failure.

So, with all that said, here are the best solutions for your powered access needs.

1. Determining the Environment

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Before you even decide on which type of platform to get, you have to take a hard look at the environment of where you’ll be working. The question of safety can then be further examined and a solution for it will be found.

When examining the environment, here are some of the metrics to take into account:

  • The obvious height that the employee needs to reach can determine the best platform for the job.
  • The environment for the task, this takes into account whether you’ll be working indoors or outdoors and various factors such as weather.
  • The surface where the platform will be deployed. This takes into account whether the surface is solid or mixed. As you might imagine, a harder surface is a lot safer than the other.
  • Potential nearby hazards such as telephone lines, power lines, and any construction equipment that might bring extra risk.

Assessing some of these metrics can help solve the equation needed to select the best possible solution for your needs. But not only that, but it also provides an answer as to how the issue should be approached once the sufficient platform has been acquired.

2. Selecting the Platform

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Now onto the part where we hopefully try to explain to you what your options are in terms of powered access solutions.

Since we’ve addressed the issues of safety, let’s talk more about accessibility. Accessibility is something that different platforms vary in.

Some are more easily accessible, while others are harder. This issue can be easily solved depending on the task at hand. We mentioned how you should determine the appropriate height of the task and this is the best way to approach it.

Is the project at hand at a lower height, or higher? Depending on which, you can choose the optimal tool for the job.

At CPS Lift, they have platforms for every reach. Some of the platforms that exist for the job can be divided into three main categories.

Those categories are:

· Boom Platforms

Boom platforms can be used for both indoor and outdoor tasks, although they should be primarily used to reach higher heights.

The selling point with boom platforms is the fact that they can extend over the obstacle while mid-air for a better and safer approach. Boom platforms are usually made for both solid and softer surfaces, and can easily maneuver in rough terrains.

· Scissor Platforms

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When it comes to the safest option out there, scissor platforms top the list. These units extent horizontally, but are not recommended for higher heights because they don’t extend as much as boom platforms.

Naturally, this makes them perfect for lower and medium heights, and are perfect for terrains and outdoor situations where safety is needed.

With all that said, scissors can help with you any project and can do a pretty good job in various circumstances.

· Spider Platforms

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As the name suggests, spider platforms resemble spider legs in a way that they can re-extent from numerous fixed positions. When it comes to solving a task located on an uneven surface, a spider platform is your best option for success.

They function around obstacles much better than boom platforms, since they can move around multiple obstacles in a single lift. They are quite narrow in height and size, before the extension, making them very cost-effective in terms of transportation.

This, naturally, makes them very lightweight and versatile, being able to provide you with the perfect gift for the hardest task.

3. Power Issues

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Since these platforms are in fact powered, we must address some of the power issues that might arise during operating.

Regardless of the type of platform, powered access solutions can be diesel-powered, bi fuel-powered, or electrically-powered.

A lot of the battery units come with shorter lifespan since they aren’t meant to be driven to the scene of work. This means that you’ll need an additional charge if you so choose to operate it before deploying for the task.

However, this could be a problem since these units require electricity sources, so this is something that should be taken into consideration before deploying for work.

As with any electric vehicle, charging times will vary depending on the size and the battery of the unit. When taking the platform for charging, make sure you have the appropriate extension cords.

Diesel and bi-fuel units will require nothing but a gas station nearby to refuel, but these units tend to last longer than battery units.