Best Table Tennis options for professional and non-professional outdoor use

If you like playing table tennis and hate having to play it indoors all the time, well, we bet you didn’t know that there are outdoor tennis tables, and we can help you choose the right one! There are plenty of things that you need to know about tables, but, for outdoor purposes, the most important attributes it has to have are rustproof and waterproof legs and supports so that it can endure rains and that it comes made of a synthetic laminate, water-resistant coated wood or metal. But, unfortunately, it’s endurance is in accordance with your budget. Professional ping pong tables are available in a number of models, we’ll consider specifics about every one of them but you’ll have to consider how much money can you spend.

And here are outdoor ping pong table reviews, we’ll focus on top table brands like Butterfly, Stigma, Kettler, Killerspin, etc.


According to one of the best and most common tables. It was widely used in tournaments since 1954. Although its name is prestigious, it is surprisingly affordable. And the best-constructed model is Playback Rollaway table. This one features a synthetic laminate top, which means that it can deal with various weather conditions and a rough play. It will serve you throughout every season. But if you are looking for something foldable and easy to assemble, Easifold 19 Rollaway is a good option, great quality for a fair price, and you can choose a blue or a green one! And if you don’t plan to spend much money, there is a compact outdoor 12 mm weatherproof table, that is perfect for your garden or backyard.


With this one, quality is assured. Stiga can praise its long experience (since 1944), with athletes tournaments.  With Stiga, you will get a brand name for outdoor at a mid-level price.

With STIGA Expert roller table, you will get same bounce and durability that professional tournaments have. One inch top table with steel chassis. STS 275 Table is designed and manufactured only in North America. Silkscreen stripe  ¾’’ top, sanded and UV filled. Tournament quality with the best price possible.


Since tennis tables have been rather lately introduced in America, Killerspin is the best state of art and durability option and is known for its functionality.

Killerspin 364-04 MyT Street Edition Table, weights around 145lbs, reliable for any condition. Simple and easy to set up (around 30 minutes), with spring clamps for net attachment.  And if your backyard is uneven and bumpy, Killerspin Myt-O Outdoor Table has adjustable levers and wheels so that you won’t have to mind leveling. Killerspin MyT7 Blue for people who are looking for sturdy tables but easily moved, since it can be separated into 2 halves, with wheels of 75mm diameter.


The most famous manufacturer, based in Germany.

If you hate waiting for other players to show up, you can warm up or play by yourself on JOOLA Outdoor TR Table Tennis, that comes with an aluminum 22mm sandwich surface. Movement is easy since it features eight wheels (both halves having four) and because of its rugged trundle system, no surface is a barrier.

JOOLA Atlanta Olympic. As soon as you assemble and start using this big boy, you’ll know that money paid is worthwhile. Made for heavy usage, it won’t move even if you jump on it.

JOOLA Triumph 15 has been approved for USATT competition, it is optimal and affordable, and has a powder-coated metal frame for additional safety.

JOOLA Tour 2500 with eight wheels is easy for storage because of its powder-coated steel legs that fold automatically and is super durable for outdoor play and with the standard height for consistent playing!