Better QB Right Now – Tony Romo Or Colin Kaepernick?

We all know that the quarterback position is probably the most important one not only in the sport of football but in all sports. When you have a good quarterback, you always have a shot to win any game on any given Sunday. The quarterback market has been weird in this offseason, but there are still some major names that need to find their new teams.

One of those names is Colin Kaepernick who decided to opt out of his deal with the Niners and search for a new squad. So far, he hasn’t had much success as he is still available on the market. Even though he hasn’t been great this past season, he still had some solid performances and a decent year overall. Many people think that he is not on the team just because of his decision not to stand for the National anthem during the season.

A lot of players have said that it is the only reason Kaep is not on the team, while many believe that he is still one of the better QBs in the league. There are people that still believe that Tony Romo is one of the better signal callers, and probably the best that market has to offer. Right now, he is still on the Cowboys. When he becomes available, it’s going to be interesting to see who is going to get him.

There is no doubt that Romo is the more talented thrower of the football than Kaep, but he is getting older while getting injured more often. Kaep, on the other hand, is a dual threat and can be lethal in the system that is suited for his skills. He is younger and probably still in his prime. If a team is ready to go all-in with Kaepernick, we think that he is the better option right now for a team that is looking for a signal caller.