Season 7 of Suits: airing, cast, Meghan Markle

The USA Network has renewed Suits, the legal drama, once more and it will be back on screens this year. Usually, new seasons have been presented during June or July, so this Season 7 is assumed to premiere in the summer time.

New episodes of Suits are traditionally broadcasted first in the US, and just a couple of days later in the UK. Netflix offers full seasons about a year after the first premiere. As for this show, the first five seasons can be found on the streaming service.

Season 6 ended with Mike Ross ultimately becoming an eligible lawyer having spent some time behind bars for fraudulence. They gave him all the votes he needed for his license after Jessica Pearson came from Chicago to represent his case. Jessica left the law firm to travel the country with Malone, her ex after she recalled what initially made her want to become a lawyer.

The actress who plays Jessica, Gina Torres, together with the creator of Suits Aaron Korsh, will be one of the producers.

In the show, a new flow will be felt, since Harvey Specter is now a managing partner, without any mediations between him and Louis Litt. Korsh said that Harvey could be wild and do even wilder things because he always had Jessica to restrain him and clean up after him. However, now he is in the different situation, and he will need to face the consequences.

Mike will return to the company after agreeing to work on a highly-profitable deal in the finale of Season 6. This gave him some space to take cases pro-bono and introduce his legal clinic.

Korsh provoked by wondering how Mike and Harvey would work together. They are together again, but both of them have changed a lot. Mike is not a new lawyer anymore, neither is he a fraud. So how is that going to influence their relationships and lives?

In spite of the gossips claiming that Meghan Markle may leave the show due to moving to London with her boyfriend Prince Harry, Korsh pointed out that the character of Rachel Zane will continue to be a part of this show even in Season 7. She has also become an experienced lawyer, as Korsh said.

Some reports, or better say rumors suggest that Rachel might have a baby in the new season, but the writer remained silent about any aspect of Rachel’s life. The producers are probably determined to keep her in the show until the eighth season since the show is getting all of this positive feedback. Without a doubt, because of her, the ratings are expected to skyrocket. They would like to keep the attention on the show as much as they can.

After breaking off the engagement with Tara, Louis will grow a little as a person. Korsh explains that he feels that this experience with Tara will cause him to progress and advance.

In the meantime, Dona Paulsen is perhaps ready to outgrow the position of a legal secretary, after the investors rejected one of her business ideas.

As for the cast, Harvey Specter is played by Gabriel Macht, and the role of a fresh new lawyer Mike Ross is taken by Patrick J Adams.
The secretary Donna Paulsen is played by Sarah Rafferty, Rachel Zane by Meghan Markle and Louis Litt by Rick Hoffman.