Learn How to Better Stalking your Business Competitor in 2024


Stalking is a new hobby of a lot of Instagram users. We do it for fun and keep eyes on the people around us. Have you ever found yourself while stalking your ex-girlfriend from a different user account? If yes, you are not one who does such things in this world. But have you ever imagined stalking can help your business too? I think the answer is NO as I never thought such things earlier.

Actually, research is now an integral part of modern business strategies. We simply cannot skip that. In order to grow better and fast, we have to come with some effective solutions. And that solution we can get only through quality research.


Today, all the big brands spend a lot of time and money to do proper market research. When it comes to market research, we can say that keeping close eyes on the competitors is too much important. If you want to stay competitive, you have to know what your competitors are doing.

Stalking can let you know that easily. You cannot stalk your competitor or follow directions. If you do such, it will create a bad impression of your brand or business. But you can be a ghost and stalk everything without leaving any trace.

Stalking apps or stalking tools?


Stalking a personal user account or a business account is completely different and you have to take the help of professionals. But that is an expensive choice. But there are some ways that can help you to reduce the cost as well as give better stalking results. The way is nothing but using a stalking tool.

No, a stalking tool and a stalking app are not the same things. Actually, this is one of the most common mistakes that a lot of people do just after getting the idea of stalking the competitor.

According to experts, free stalking apps can leave a trace and that you should never do. It can ruin your market impression overnight. So, it will be better if you start to use a tool and skip all the hassles.

If you use a stalking app, you have to deal with a lot of hassles such as download, install, sign-up, and so on. Moreover, you have to spend quality time on the app to get real-time information. It will not store month-old information for you.

But stalking tools are far better than market available average apps. Apps generally able to satisfy the personal level requirements but a tool can satisfy the business requirements also.

The best Instagram tracker tool in 2024


When it comes to the Instagram tracker tool in 2024, we must suggest using Snoopreport. It is one of the best tools that offer professional-level benefits without spending a lot of time.

Here you do not have to go through the download and install processes. Or you do not even have to log in to your user account.

A friend of mine who is a digital marketing expert has suggested me to using tracker tools. Actually, I have an Instagram business profile but I was facing problem to get more followers. I mean I was trying a lot to reach more and more target audiences but I was not getting the desired result.

At that time, he suggested me to track my competitor who was doing great on Instagram. But it was completely impossible for me. I mean how I can know my competitor’s day to day activity on Instagram. Then he suggested me to use the mentioned tool.

Being the owner of a small business, I do not have that much time to spend my entire day over stalking. So, I was reluctant to use any such a tool. But he said that I do not need to spend a lot of time for stalking. The tool is smart enough to offer me reports of months just within few minutes. I mean how my competitor was running his online campaigns or interactions with followers or audience; I got a sense of that with the help of that tool.

The tool comes with an easy to understand dashboard. There you will get reports of the target users’ activity. In this way, you will be able to understand the areas where you need to do some improvements.

Is it illegal?

The answer is no. Snoopreport is not doing anything illegal. I mean when we hear the term stalking, we feel that it is not right. But today, it is one of the most important tasks for a business to remain competitive in the market.

This will not make use of any personal data. I mean this tool only uses the publicly available data and helps you to know a person or a business better. Now you can say that what the benefit of having this tool is! The benefit is that you may access the publicly available data but you cannot predict the user behavior without any error. But this tool uses Big Data in order to rightly predict user-behavior as well as verify their actions.

The analytics will help to know the results of your campaign. But such a tool will help you to properly understand the changes that your campaigns have brought to users. It will also help you to properly plan the next campaign.


You do not need to stick to this tool. You can use it according to your ease. I mean it can offer you the reports of the last six months to a year activity of the target user. There are various pricing options available that support personal needs to professional requirements.

So, now we can say that knowing the competitor a bit better and creating the winning strategy will not be a hard task anymore with the help of this tool. Already a lot of people have subscribed to this tool and getting amazing business benefits just like me. So, if you are one of those who want to grow online and get better recognition within a short span of time, you can definitely go for this tool.