Better team: Dallas Cowboys Or Seattle Seahawks?

We are starting to realize what teams can make the Playoff in both conferences and which squads will most likely watch the postseason from their living rooms just like us. When we look at the NFC, there are two teams that stand out. It’s the Dallas Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks. Who is better in this duel?

Dallas is coming off a huge win in Pittsburgh. Their offense is playing well, they are running the ball and enabling their defense to stay on the bench. This is done perfectly while they continue hiding their weaknesses while doing what they do the best. It just seems like the perfect formula. Cowboys’ are not turning the ball over and that is what you need to do when you have a rookie quarterback.

On the other hand, we have this Seahawks team that just knocked off the Patriots in Foxboro. Their offensive line has been the problem for this squad. Wilson has also been playing hurt but is now getting healthy, and it shows. He can pass on the move, spread the ball and make things happen for this squad. They are at their best when he is at his best. Defense is elite, as always and the legion of boom is still there.

If we had to pick one team right now, we would pick the Seahawks. Even though both of these crews are pretty good, we are thinking about the postseason and who do we trust more. We know that we can trust the Seahawks when it matters the most. On the other hand, we are just not sure that we can trust the Dallas Cowboys at least not just yet. If the ‘Boys continue their winning streak, things will definitely change.