Most Popular Forms Of Betting & Games In Australia

Sport is a massive part of every culture. Playing or watching matches and betting on their scores has been fascinating entertainment for ages. However, some disciplines are more gripping and famous regarding bets and gambling games.

In the digital age, gambling is easier than ever before – everyone can bet online without even leaving their home – it’s just a matter of a few clicks. That’s why sports gambling is gaining popularity.

The most popular forms of gambling in Australia include sports and poker. Sports betting has been popular since troglodytes could wager on horse races and fights. It has since become a global mega-pastime, with bets on almost anything connected to sports. Today, American football, horse racing, and soccer are the most common sports bets. In recent years, this form of gambling has received a new lease on life with the advent of mobile gaming and “in-play” gambling.

Sports betting allows you to place bets on the outcome of a game, on a player or a team, and even on possible runs and goals. These are also the most popular forms of gambling, and many people use cryptocurrency to place their wagers online. College students and other sports enthusiasts are particularly fond of these activities. Most forms of sports betting are illegal, and the revenue generated is unaccounted for. However, some countries have legalized Internet gaming to combat problem gambling.

While lottery tickets are a relatively new type of gambling, they have been around for a long time and are the most popular form of gambling in Asia.

Every country has its top national sports, which are usually also the most common when it comes to betting. So, what are the most popular sports for betting in Australia? Keep reading to find out!

The Popularity Of Games In Australia

Games that are played and watched in Australia don’t differ significantly from global trends. Australians truly love betting, and the most popular gambling area is the sport – over half a million adults make bets in this field every year.

A typical amount of money annually spent on bets in Australia is one thousand dollars – if we consider the statistics, that’s a lot.

The most involved in gambling are men in the age group from 18 to 29. Understandably, betting mainly takes place online, via an online casino website or other sports betting pages. Learn more about betting at

What Are The Most Common Sports Australians Like Placing Their Wagers On?


It’s no surprise that football is at the top of the list – it is one of the most popular sports in regards to playing, watching, and betting in general. The same goes for Australia – betting on football matches is a common pastime there.

When a football game is reasonably unpredictable, teams often support their fans and gamblers with statistics about previous matches. These can help them make more educated decisions rather than resolve to blind guessing.


Cricket is a national sport for Great Britain, and the same goes for Australia. As a country under the reign of the British crown, it has somehow inherited the love for this unique discipline.

Cricket has been present in the world of sport for so long that it is pretty predictable as a game, so it is relatively easy to bet upon. However, in order to be effective, a gambler should keep a record of their betting activity. It might be helpful to estimate the effectiveness of the bets and predict any future moves.

It is better to know about the rules of cricket and some betting tips.

Horse Racing

Horse racing, which used to be a sport of aristocracy, is one of the most common disciplines in Australia. It is also one of the sports with the oldest betting history. Even now, its popularity is not decreasing.

Throughout the year, numerous horse races occur in Australia, and there’s even an official state horse racing association named Racing Australia. During the Australian Cup or Australian Derby, horse racing enthusiasts can place their bets and root for their favorites.

Get to know about the current horse racing statistics before playing on the game.


Similar to football, basketball also has many players and spectators all over the globe. As such, it’s extremely popular in terms of gambling.

In Australia, the teams and games are associated with the so-called NBL – National Basketball League, which is a top-level male basketball competition in the country. It evokes many emotions and is a perfect opportunity to gamble and place some lucky wagers.

There are two major basketball premier league teams in Australia – for men, it is The Boomers, and the female team is called The Opals. Basketball enthusiasts bet on both of these teams equally often.


Although it might be surprising in such a warm climate, Australians do fancy hockey. The sport was brought to the country by the British Naval officers at the end of the 19th century.

Nowadays, it is popular among both players and gamblers. The organization that governs the sport and organizes tournaments is Hockey Australia.

As hockey is a team sport, the results may often be not that easy to predict, which otherwise gives a sense of thrill and encourages you to make further bets. Know everything about the sports of hockey before betting on it.


Sports gambling is extremely popular all over the world, Australia included. Just like in any other country, Australians most often bet on their national sports and the disciplines that are played really often.

It is not difficult to find an exciting tournament or competition, as most sports events now take place online. This form is convenient for both players and gamblers and has the potential to become the future of all global sports and gambling.