Big Backstage Update On Brock Lesnar’s Contract


Brock Lesnar has been one of the most important WWE superstars over the past couple of years. Since he came back in 2012, he has been booked as a true monster, as someone who is reigning terror over the entire WWE Universe. A special attraction like him should always be protected, and the company has mostly done a good job of keeping that Lesnar aura legit.

As we all know, this guy is the Universal Champion right now, and he is likely going to keep that belt until Wrestlemania 34. What happens after that is anybody’s guess as his current contract is going to expire in August of 2018. Right now, the last shows that we know he is going to be on are Wrestlemania 34 and the post-Mania Monday Night Raw. Those are the final two dates that he has been booked.

The current state of this situation is that Brock Lesnar is likely going to extend his contract unless he all of a sudden decides that he is not enjoying wrestling anymore and that he really wants to fight somewhere else. Right now, the fight between Lesnar and Jones is likely not ever going to happen. Based on that fact alone, Brock is more likely to stay with the WWE after his current deal expires than he is to leave.

In the end, what comes down to is the money. He is being paid very much to do very little. The company needs him to be a big draw, and he needs the WWE for those monster paydays. When we take a look at this situation from that perspective, we can see that Lesnar is likely going to remain the employee of the World Wrestling Entertainment.