The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Release Date – New season coming up, which actors are returning to the show?

The rumors about “The Big Bang Theory” being canceled can be silenced as it has been made public that the show will have its Season 11. In order to make their fans calm, the producers have even given them a sneak peek into new episodes storyline.

Firstly, the fans of “The Big Bang Theory” will rest of the Season 10 after which Season 11 will be aired with a start during December. It is still not completely clear when the new season will start, but we know that there will be only a small gap between these two.

The rumors started when the word about some actors demanding higher salaries started spreading. To be more precise, this was related to Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, and Jim Parson whose contract signing depended on their demands being fulfilled. Apart from these requests, the actors also had some other reasons for leaving the popular show. Kely Cuoco, for instance, would like to turn to her private life and direct her attention to starting a family. However, the rumors were denied when Parent Herald published the news that she made a new deal with the company. Johnny Galecki also joined Kely and signed a new contract.

This leaves us only with Jim Parson whose return is still debatable. Apparently, Jim is working on some other projects besides “The Big Bang Theory.” He is also working on the show called – “The Monarch is going to Sh*t.” If he leaves, the show is predicted to suffer a major downturn, as Sheldon is one of the favorite actors of the series.

The new season will bring some changes in the storyline, and everyone is on the edge of their seats to find out what will be happening with their beloved characters. The December is on the threshold so buckle up!