The Success Of Isaiah Thomas Reminds Of Allen Iverson

When you see the little guy fighting in the tall men’s world, you can’t help but cheer him on and root for him. Especially when he is a true fighter. That is why people loved Allen Iverson and his style of play. Now, he is not in the league anymore, but there is a guy that is even smaller than him.

His name is Isaiah Thomas, and he is playing for the Boston Celtics. Thomas just made his first All-Star game, but he is not satisfied. He wants more, and he is having an even better year this season. Celtics are a good team in the East, and this little man is their best player, he is their leader.

When we watch him play, we immediately think about Allen Iverson. He, of course, is not as good as The Answer was in his best days, but still, it’s impressive to see anyone attack the rim as fearlessly as Isaiah does. He might be a lot shorter than most of the centers that are waiting for him under the rim, and yet, he doesn’t give up and just keeps coming in and beating his opponents.

He reminds of Allen Iverson, a guy that was just wowing people with his ability to get to the rim and score. They are good friends, and Isaiah is looking up to him and has his support. What more could a little guy ask for? He just needs to keep improving, being himself and striving to reach even higher levels of greatness.