Big Fatal Four-Way Women’s Match Is Rumored For Wrestlemania

The talent of the women on Monday Night Raw roster is just amazing. The booking has been subpar, but the skills of the women are on display each and every night. Charlotte has been great both as a promo, and in the ring, Sasha Banks are just as good as the Women’s champion in the ring. Nia Jax is being built up and it’s about time.

It took over half a year for WWE to give Nia a real push, but now they are doing it, and she has made an impact. These are the four women that are heavily featured on Monday Night Raw, and it seems that their big clash will happen at Wrestlemania in a fatal four-way match for Charlotte’s Women’s Title.

Charlotte’s pay per view winning streak is still intact, and the company doesn’t fail to mention it on every possible occasion. The announcers on Monday Night Raw are always making a big deal out of the streak, and it seems that WWE will build it up even more before the Wrestlemania 33.

It seems that Charlotte will be built up as an undefeated champion before she drops the title to Bayley at the grandest stage of them all. If it’s a fatal four-way match, it means that Charlotte actually doesn’t have to get pinned and WWE could continue with that storyline of Charlotte not being pinned at the PPVs.

They could easily have Sasha Banks getting pinned by Bayles and then Sasha turning heel. There are a lot of options in this battle, but it seems that the company will be going with a fatal four-way match.