Will Someone Make A Deal For Jimmy Garoppolo?


The NFL season is officially over for all 32 teams. Some were finished more than a month ago, and their offseason plans are already in motion. For the teams like the Patriots and Falcons, the offseason hasn’t even started yet. Still, they are the best squads, and they don’t need much work on their roster. Retooling will be enough for them, but for some franchises, it’s going to be pretty tough.

Usually, those teams miss the quarterback as that is the most important position in football. Teams like 49ers, the Browns, the Bills and many more squads need a new signal caller. They could, of course, try to get one in the draft that will take place in May, but they can also make a deal with the Patriots for their backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.


Browns had five guys throwing the ball last season, and it was pretty clear that at least four of those guys are not the quarterback of the future for Hue Jackson and his crew. Now, they hold the number one overall pick, and they could select Jackson or Trubisky. If they don’t like any of those guys, they could package that pick and some other lower picks in the draft in order to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo.

49ers also have a couple of signal callers that likely aren’t their future. Garoppolo is a guy that has proven to be able to run an offense when a good system is in place. Kyle Shanahan could for sure make it work in San Fran with Jimmy-G.

Brady is almost for sure going to ink at least a three-year extension with New England and Garoppolo’s future with the team is uncertain. If someone is going to make a deal, the best bets would be the Browns and the Niners. At least two high draft pick, one of them being number one or number two overall, will be required to acquire Patriots’ prized signal caller. Next couple months that lead to the draft will give us an answer to these questions regarding Jimmy and these two teams.