Big Logic Holes In Baron Corbin’s Loss After Cash In

WWE has decided to pull the trigger on the Baron Corbin Money in the Bank contract cash-in during this week’s edition of Smackdown Live. In the main event, John Cena was facing Jinder Mahal in a non-title match. Everybody kind of knew that Corbin was going to come out and entice his feud with Cena, but nobody really expected that he is going to cash in. During that act, WWE made Corbin and their fans look stupid for a multitude of reasons.

First of all, why did he leave the ring and then realized that the champion is down and that he has the briefcase? Why didn’t he do it right away? It makes him look like a total fool. Then after he cashed in, why is he concerned with John Cena, why isn’t Corbin focused on Jinder as he has entered the WWE Championship match? It really makes no sense whatsoever.


Then, after not being in the match all night, having taken no punches, no damage, he gets rolled up for a pin by the hands of a guy that was just on the receiving end of two Attitude Adjustment by John Cena. How does a 6’7” guy gets rolled up by a guy that could barely stand?

On top of that, why does John Cena not let Corbin win the title? If he had won it, his duel at Summerslam is a championship match. Where is the logic in that?

In the end, this looks really bad for Baron Corbin. If he doesn’t go out this Sunday at Summerslam and beat every single living inch of John Cena, it seems that his career is going to be in a very tough spot after being one of the rare few superstars that have failed to cash in Money in the Bank.