Big Match Announced For WWE Payback


The first pay per view after the biggest show of the year is going to be WWE Payback on April 30th. It is going to be a Monday Night Raw pay per view and the card is already starting to shape up two weeks before the show. Yesterday, another big match was announced for the show, it might even be the duel that closes out this event.

Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns have had a big feud going on for a couple of weeks now. Even before the match with the Undertaker, these two were throwing hands on every single Monday Night Raw. Last week, the feud got to its boiling point as Strowman went berzerk on The Big Dog, beating him up before throwing him while was on the stretcher and then turning over the Ambulance in which the doctors put Roman in.

During the opening segment yesterday, Kurt Angle announced that Roman is challenging Braun to a fight at WWE Payback in two weeks and that these two will meet in the ring then. There were reports that this is going to be an “Ambulance” match as that is a good way for Strowman to win and go on to face Lensar in the next couple of months while Roman is not going to get pinned. The company wants The Big Dog to look strong, so this concept is going to be a smart way for him to lose a match but not get pinned.

It seems that this is the duel in which the feud is going to be blown off, but this also might turn into the number one contender’s match for the Universal Title. Next weeks is going to give us all the answers that we need.