Novak Djokovic talking about a new member of his family and spending time with his dearest ones

It seems that the best Serbian tennis player managed to take a break and spend some quality time with his family for Easter. He was looking forward to the holiday, and together with Jelena and Stefan, he prepared the toughest and hardest red egg in the hope of winning.

Novak Djokovic rarely talks about his private life, however, in this holiday mood he decided to open up. Novak Djokovic told us that his family will be getting a new member in a couple of months. Apart from looking forward to a newcomer, one of the best players in the world had never been happier since he got to spend a holiday and couple of days free with his family in Monte Carlo.


Where did you spend your Easter and did you manage to spend it with your family?

– Yes, I was with Jelena, Stefan and our families in Monte Carlo. Every year we spend this holiday together and Easter precedes the tournament that takes place in Monte Carlo, as well. So we were happy to be able to enjoy all wonderful customs that come for Easter.

Have these moments that you cherish had to be sacrificed for the sake of your career? Do you celebrate them according to the customs and tradition?


– I had to sacrifice lots of things, every single successful sportsmen in the world is obliged to do so. Being apart from your family, the waiving of some quite ordinary things like recreation classes, spending summers and holidays with your friends, hanging out, those are all of the things that I had to jump over. All my friends and girlfriends go to Vrnjacka Banja, and I’m staying in Belgrade because I have a tournament in Pancevo at the time. But, on the other hand, I got something in return that is equally important and that is some sort of balance that I am grateful for. I am happy with the things I had and with the things I didn’t have, because all of that has made my way.