When Was Kurt Angle Asked To Be Raw GM?


WWE Hall of Fame ceremony takes place always just a couple of days before Wrestlemania. Every single Hall of Fame class has a headliner, someone that is a big name and that’s going to attract mainstream media as well as the people to watch the ceremony itself. This year, it was Kurt Angle, a guy that wrestling world loves. But, he didn’t only sign a deal to be in the Hall of Fame.

Kurt Angle is also the new GM of Monday Night Raw. Recently, the newly inducted Hall of Famer and Olympic gold medalist talked about his new role on WWE TV. Here is what he had to say.

“I have a great opportunity to be the GM of RAW and I wasn’t expecting this. This came very recently and I think it had a lot to do with Mick Foley having to have hip surgery, so taking this opportunity takes me that one step further in the WWE to where I want to be and I like the position for now.”


You can see that Angle is glad to be back to the company, but that he is still not where he wants to be. Reading this statement, it looks like Angle really wants to be in the ring, wrestling with the other talents that WWE has, but he realizes that all of this is just a process and he thinks that he is on the right path to maybe being in the ring one day.

Kurt also talked about when he found out that he is going to be the new GM of the Red brand. He said that Triple H spoke to him before the ceremony on Friday and that he wanted him to start Monday Night after Mania. That’s why Angle stated that this new gig of his was unexpected.