Big Name WWE Female Superstar Returning Soon!

This is the golden age of the women’s wrestling in the WWE. There are a lot of talented superstars in that division that are more than capable of putting on some great matches that can ever overshadow whatever the guys are doing. They are that good. If only the company knew how to book this division properly and make it relevant each and every show.

Even though they have a lot of women right now on Smackdown Live and Monday Night Raw, they could always use more. Now when Emma is gone, there is going to be someone to step into her role soon. A lot of people are awaiting her return and want to see this girl back in the ring.


We are talking about Paige. Over the past couple of months or even a year, she has been struggling with a lot of things. Her career was in jeopardy because of the injuries that she suffered and because of what Alberto Del Rio, her boyfriend, has been telling the media about him not liking the WWE.

The company didn’t decide to cut ties with her, they let Paige heal up, and now she is almost ready to go. Her boyfriend Del Rio talked to the TMZ and was asked about Paige. Here is what he had to say about his girlfriend’s return to the ring.

“She’s getting ready in Orlando at the moment. She’s been there the last six, seven weeks. It’s going to happen pretty soon. They told her to lay low and not talk too much about it.”


He also added that it’s definite that she is going to make her turn in a couple of weeks. Or maybe even a couple of days.