Big Rumors For John Cena And Brock Lesnar At Survivor Series

We have got used to checking out when Brock Lesnar is going to make his return as he is used as the special attraction and is not a full-time superstar on the Raw brand’s roster. But, we now need to add John Cena into that category and always to monitor when he is going to appear on a show that is organized by the company. Even though he is always going to do more dates than Lesnar, the fact of the matter is that he is going to take a lot of short breaks in the future.

According to the reports and to the advertisements for the upcoming WWE shows, Brock Lesnar is booked for the October 23rd edition of Monday Night Raw which is going to be the first Raw after TLC PPV. Also, he is going to be present and the go-home show for the Survivor Series which is the dual-branded event. Right now, the rumors and stories are suggesting that this guy is going to be facing Finn Balor at the SS as he still hasn’t got his title match after he had to forfeit the belt after he won it at Summerslam 2016.

As far as Cena goes, he is yet to be advertised for any shows, both Smackdown Live and Raw as he is now a free agent. But, if the reports are true, he is going to be facing Bray Wyatt at the Survivor Series. The only hope for this match is that WWE makes sense with this feud and gives us a good reason for these two to be fighting at the last dual-branded event of the year. Bray could for sure use a win against Cena, and we think that it is the route that WWE is going to take.