OJ Simpson Released From Prison After Nine Years


Nevada Department of Corrections released OJ Simpson out of prison in the early hours of October 1 after the former NFL legend had spent nine years behind bars. He was imprisoned for the failed hotel room heist in Las Vegas and has become notorious because of that.

He served his detention at the Lovelock Correctional Center in northern Nevada, and he has been released just a few minutes after midnight. Safety precautions were taken, and Simpson walked out of prison in 12:08. Brooke Keast, a Nevada state prison spokesperson, was interviewed over the phone and she said: “We needed to do this to ensure public safety and to avoid any possible incident.”

She was asked whether she knew what OJ would do now that he is on parole, but Keast had no information about his plans. According to his lawyer Malcolm LaVergne, Mr. Simpson might head to Florida, where he lived before. He also claimed he had a plan to get back in touch with his family, eat steak and buy a new iPhone as soon as he was freed.


Since Simpson’s Miami home was foreclosed in 2012, the former football player doesn’t have a place of his own, but his friend Tom Scotto offered him to stay with him in Naples, Florida. We don’t know whether OJ accepted the offer. However, things will not be simple for Simpson, and Florida’s attorney general said that ex-convict was unwanted in that state because of the crimes he committed.

Julie L. Jones, the attorney general, wrote a letter, which was sent to Florida Department of Corrections secretary: “Floridians are well aware of Mr. Simpson’s background, his wanton disregard for the lives of others, and of his scofflaw attitude with respect to the heinous acts of which he has been found civilly liable.”

Another attorney general Pam Bondi agrees that OJ Simpson should not return to Florida: “Our state should not become a country club for this convicted criminal.” He will have some restrictions in the next five years while he is on parole and one of them is not to get in touch with the convicted felons or other criminals.

You can watch the video of Simpson’s release posted by the Nevada Department of Corrections on Facebook.