Dallas Cowboys Are Still a Super Bowl Contenders

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Dallas Cowboys entered this season as one of the favorites for the Vince Lombardi trophy. America’s team has big ambitions every year, and this one came as no different. And, why shouldn’t they be ambitious? The Dallas outfit is boasting the best offensive line in football, they have fantastic young players in Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott, and one of the leagues best wide receivers in Dez Bryant. You could argue that their defense is not on par with some of the league’s elite squads, but they are young and need time to gel with one another. Also, they have failed to outfield their strongest secondary in any match, due to injuries and suspensions.

After four rounds they have a 2-2 score. Everything started right with Giants game, but then came sobering up with trashing in Denver by the hands of Broncos. The team has managed to bounce back in Arizona, but they have had another setback in Sunday’s night in Dallas against the Rams. The LA team managed to steal a win at the AT& T Stadium. Lots of fans are starting to get disillusioned already despite the season being in the early weeks.

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The bell should be ringing in Frisco but only to alarm the players to take every opponent seriously. The loss against Los Angeles Rams goes on Cowboys fault rather than on an impressive Rams display. Dak Prescott and his team had an excellent first half, and everything seemed to be going just right. In the second half, they have failed to be as potent on the offense, and the defense just didn’t have the strength to suppress Goff, Gurley, and co.

The way things stand now, it seems that Dallas Cowboys only need slight adjustments in order to function like an impenetrable unit they were last year. And, with the next week’s match against the Packers, they will have a real test of their abilities. The team that beat them last year in the Divisional round is the perfect opponent to push them in the direction of the playoffs. With a win of course!

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Even if they lose that game, the season is not over yet. During the course of the year, all of the qualities of this teams should surface and make everyone believe in this squad and their ability to reach the Super Bowl. And, why turn your back on them so early in the season. Just look at the standings. In the NFC East, they are currently sitting third behind Redskins (2-1, they play tonight vs. Chiefs), and Eagles (3-1). The Giants are 0-4 and their season doesn’t look bright right now. In the entire league, many of the early SB favorites aren’t sitting very well. Patriots are 2-2, Raiders are 2-2, and Seahawks stand at 2-2. With a win against Green Bay Packers (3-1) Cowboys would take a step in right direction and would be one step closer to the postseason.