Big Show Praises Roman Reigns’ Work In The Ring


Roman Reigns is one of the most hated wrestlers in the WWE today. That is probably not his fault, it’s more because of the booking and the fact that the company is making him look like the second coming of John Cena. People are tired of that gimmick of a Superman and a guy that is always fighting for good.

He never loses clean, he always overcomes impossible odds. Fans are just sick and tired of a superstar that does all that. Sometimes, the fans even bash his wrestling skills, which is pretty unfair. Yes, he is not charismatic as a babyface, and he can do a better job on his promo, fans are right about that. But, he is not put in the best position to succeed and get over with the fans. They are not playing up to his strengths and are giving everything to keep him a babyface.


It is somewhat fair to criticize his work on the mic, even though he is not playing a role that suits him the best. But, he is a good wrestler that has improved a lot over the past couple of years. Big Show, a guy that has given two decades to this business, also respects what he sees from Roman.

“People don’t understand how good Roman is. He’s easy to pick on because he’s good looking and he’s athletic in our society especially with social media. Roman is great to work with, especially if you are a big guy. If you’re a big guy and a bad guy and you are working with Roman Reigns, it’s really easy. Our audience has a way of being misinformed from the wrong people. The internet is filled with so-called experts who couldn’t lace up a pair of boots. He’s getting a lot of grief from stuff that isn’t his fault. It’s the in-thing to boo Roman Reigns. In time, thru Roman’s work ethic. He’ll be able to change a lot of those opinions.”