Big Update On Cowboys’ Quarterback Tony Romo

For the first time since suffering a back injury during the preseason, Tony Romo was back practicing with his teammates. Cowboys’ starting quarterback hasn’t played a single minute of football in this season. He for sure won’t play on Sunday against the Eagles, but nobody really knows what is going to happen when he gets cleared to play.

Cowboys’ planned to push for Week 8 comeback with Tony Romo when he got injured, but have later stated that they won’t force him back into the lineup before he gets 100 percent healthy and ready to play. He was seen with jersey and helmet on the field even though he is not officially cleared to return.

Dallas is in no hurry to get Romo back to being fully healthy and ready to play since Dak Prescott is having one of the best rookie quarterback seasons’ in the NFL’s history. This team is looking like a true contender in the NFC, so there is no need to rush Tony Romo. We saw great transformation and the man in charge should stay at his QB position that he earned.

It’s a sure thing that Romo will get cleared at the latest possible moment. This is a big decision for the Dallas Cowboys. They are trying to prolong having to make their pick for starting QB as long as it’s possible. Media attention is something that Jerry Jones likes, and this story gives him just that.

On the other hand, it’s a big and maybe even uncomfortable decision for Cowboys’ upper management so not having to make it right away is a good thing for this team. It will also be very interesting to see what side the squad will choose and if they want their former leader to return and replace Dak or they will stay with the one that brought five consecutive wins.