Kawhi Leonard’s Strong Start Makes Him A Legitimate MVP Candidate


There are a lot of players that can win the MVP award in the NBA. There are at least ten guys that are in the conversation. It’s always fun to pick who is going to take this prestigious award home. There have been a lot of people that picked LeBron, Westbrook, or Harden. On the other hand, Kawhi wasn’t picked as much as these guys.

He is proving that he is the best two-way player in the game. After dropping 35 on the Golden State Warriors and torturing both Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, he led his team with 30 points on 11/21 from the field and five steals to go with his scoring barrage against the Kings.


Sacramento played very well against favored Spurs in the debut in their new arena. It’s a great thing that Kawhi is taking the leadership of this team very seriously and making up for the absence of Tim Duncan.

He is by far the best player of this, suddenly, young Spurs team. They do have some veterans on the squad, but there are also guys that haven’t played a lot of winning basketball in their careers.

With Leonard playing on a high level, this team can go a long way. They proved that they are capable of hanging with the new-look Warriors. Kawhi is a superstar in this league, and if he continues to show it each and every night, Spurs will be in a great position in the Western Conference. Furthermore, he could be one of the candidates for taking that MVP trophy home.