Big Update On Dez Bryant’s Status For Week 8

Dez Bryant has been inactive for the Dallas Cowboys ever since he injured his knee back in Week 3. He was listed as questionable or doubtful every single round since his injury, but there was no realistic chance of him playing in previous games.

Dez himself has stated that he will suit up in Week 8 following Dallas’ win at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. Cowboys had a bye week, and that gave additional time to Bryant to heal his knee and get ready to play against the Eagles.

Cowboys have reported that Dez Bryant is questionable for Week 8, but they have written that just because they are not a 100 percent sure that he will play. Dez will most likely play, and the odds are mightily in his favor.

Prescott and his offense were highly successful without him on the field, and that fact alone has started a lot of rumors about Dallas really not needing him. Many people in the media have made their cases for Dez Bryant to be traded.

There is no doubt about the fact that he is giving them another big-time target on the offensive side of the ball. Prescott rarely throws outside the numbers, so when you have Dez in your lineup, you can give him the ball, and he can go deep with it.

When you have already great offense, and you add another great player to it, it is simply hard to fail. And we know this because we already saw what Dez can do so hopefully he will be ballin soon.

Bryant will most likely play on Sunday, and it will be interesting to see what he can do and how he does it against the Philly Eagles in this big divisional duel.