President Obama predicts Warriors win the 2017 NBA Championship

Obama is truly the coolest president the United States has ever known. Judging from the news about the upcoming U.S. national elections, one can already conclude that President Barack Obama was indeed a great leader.

The forty-fourth president of the United States of America is not only a brilliant commander. He is also a huge sports fan. He showed up in a radio interview with the goal to share his view about the upcoming NBA championship.

President Obama is a fan of Chicago Bulls while Sway admires the Warriors. When asked about his opinion, Obama did not hesitate to answer. He gave his prediction on this recently started NBA season. The Golden State Warriors will become the champion in 2017.

Obama said he chose the Warriors because of Durant. This athlete had won several awards during his entire career in the NBA. He also added that the team has enough strength to make it to the end of this season even though their opponent smacked them in the first game. They might just need some time to figure things out. The president told Sway in the radio interview.

The prediction may not be an attractive statement for the head of state, but he is probably making the right choice in the next NBA championship.

The Warriors met with President Obama in the previous season. The team went to the White House to receive recognition from the head of the state for winning the NBA Championship in the year 2015. The President demonstrated his knowledge of the game during this encounter. He also did not forget to exhibit his sense of humor as Carlos Murillo pointed that out in his report on Fansided.

President Barack Obama was also caught playing golf with the country’s greatest golfer, Tiger Woods. The athlete even applauded him for his impressive swinging skills. Perhaps Bob Myers, general manager of the Warrior’s franchise, could also use Obama’s leadership on the team. The man is just one call away, and he will be stepping down from his executive post very soon.

Size is what Warriors need to win the NBA Championship this season, but more offensive weapons in the lineup certainly don’t harm them. Without a doubt, they are one of the top contenders and we think that they will go all the way.