Big Update On Shane McMahon Storyline

Shane McMahon was involved in the WWE six-pack challenge for the WWE title. He was right there by the right side when the six men fought for the WWE title. We kind of knew that something was going to happen between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in this clash, but we didn’t really expect that Shane McMahon is actually going to be the one to cause both of them to lose the match.

These three were involved together since Hell in a Cell pay per view where Zayn turned heel and caused Owens to win the battle while Shane dropped from the top of the Hell in a Cell.

Then, the company paired the two, and it was a good decision. On Tuesday, Shane announced that the duo is going to have a match at Wrestlemania, while he is going to be away from SD Live for a couple of shows. Owens and Zayn, who were screwed by Shane, got together one last time and have beaten Shane McMahon like he stole something.

They were ruthless and aggressive, causing Shane to get stretched out of the arena. This was a great booking decision and a nice way to end the Smackdown Live’s first episode where they started their part of the build for Mania.

WWE announced on their website what happened and that they are going to update us on Shane’s condition in the next 24 hours. Our guess is that this is going to cause McMahon to get involved in this match at the grandest stage of them all and that we are going to get a triple-threat match between the three in New Orleans, which would be a logical way of doing things.

After that, we might see at least one of the two go to Monday Night Raw in the Superstar shakeup.