Big Update On The Potential Main Event At Wrestlemania 35!

Last year, before Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando, we had already heard some rumors of Brock Lesnar beating Bill Goldberg at that show and winning the Universal Championship. That was not a surprise. But, that was followed up by the rumors of him facing Roman Reigns in the main event for the championship at Wrestlemania 34, the show that was more than a year away before the talks started. In the end, they were right, and we got the main event that we didn’t really want.

Just like last year, there are rumors about the potential closing match of the Wrestlemania 35. Similar to the one with Reigns and Lesnar, this might end up being true, and we can easily imagine the WWE doing something like this.

Ronda Rousey had arguably the best match at Mania 34. The fans really enjoyed that one and she was great. Everybody is still raving about how good she looked in that clash and how it was well-paced and booked nicely. In whole honesty, she couldn’t have had a better debut than this one.

There is talk in the WWE circles that they want to put her in the main event of the Wrestlemania 35 that is going to take place in New York next year, live from the MetLife Stadium.

She is still a big mainstream name and her being in the main event is going to do a lot for the show. Of course, the logical opponent for her is the current Smackdown Live champion Charlotte, since it seems that the company is set on making her the biggest women’s superstar of all time.

There are also rumors that WWE wants to build Asuka vs. Rousey, but it seems that Charlotte is better for the main event since she is a Flair and people are more familiar with her.