Big Update On The Undertaker’s Future


One of the biggest matches for Wrestlemania 33 is Roman Reigns going up against The Undertaker. It all started when Reigns eliminated the Dead Man from the Royal Rumble, and the WWE used that to start a feud with these two superstars. Undertaker represents the past while Reigns is leading the charge when it comes to the young guys in the organization.

Even though The Undertaker did look decent in the Royal Rumble, it seems that his appearance wasn’t as smooth as everybody thought. The reports are suggesting that he was in pain during the match and that he wasn’t feeling too well while he was in that event.


PWinsider has stated that there was a big discussion backstage during Monday Night Raw about the status of The Undertaker post-Mania as he was walking around painfully. The reports are suggesting that he was not happy at the event because of the amount of pain that he was in. This is increasing the possibility for this match at Wrestlemania 33 to be the last that Dead Man is going to wrestle.

He is turning 52 this weekend, and he has been with the company for almost 27 years. There is no doubt about the fact that he is one of the greatest superstars of all time. There are a few matches that he can still do, like the one with John Cena at next year’s Mania, but it seems that the biggest obstacle to that duel happening is the health of the Dead Man. Right now, it looks like that this is it for the Undertaker. His hip is bothering him, and the company feels that any major surgery will end the in-ring career of The Phenom.