Shocking: Dwayne Johnson’s father in law has died!

The father of The Rock’s girlfriend has died!

Dwayne The Rock Johnson, 44, revealed this Thursday (23.03.17) on Instagram that his beloved ‘second dad’ Sib Hashian tragically passed away. Dwayne didn’t go further as to explain the cause of death but he said that it was unexpected and ‘sudden.’

Dwayne posted a family picture and wrote a lengthy caption. In that post, he said: “Rest in Peace & Love to my second dad Sib Hashian. Truly a sad day for the star of the ‘Baywatch‘ movie.”

He also added: “Don’t know why things have to happen the way they do sometimes. When loved ones leave us so suddenly without having a chance to say goodbye.” Then he went on to say: “Perhaps the lesson here is the reminder to live our lives as full and as present as we possibly can, because we just never know what’s around the corner.”

Dwayne also shared his thoughts on the life of Sib: “What a full and exciting life this man lived. What an amazing family he created, loved, watched over and protected. Being on stage, in front of adoring fans, friends and family. Keeping the beat one last time. Your passing in this manner is extremely poetic and somehow beautiful.”

He then took the time to say thanks: “Thank you for the many life lessons you’ve taught over the years. Grateful. We love you Sib. We miss you. Yhmwitcoltroml. ‘Hasan burgers’ for everyone in heaven.’
This sad event took place when Johnson was in Vegas shooting his HBO series Ballers, according to Entertainment Tonight. Upon receiving the sad news, The Rock immediately got on a plane home to his Lauren.

Another proof that the Rock had an emotional week is the fact that he teared up during his video for a young boy in Hawaii (courtesy of Make-A-Wish Foundation).

His words in the video were: “Look, you’re there in Hawaii, I’m here in Las Vegas. I wish I could be there with you. I wish we could hang out and talk like your wish was.” He also added: “I want you to know, Taitusi, I know so much about you already. You love chicken, I love chicken. Your favorite color is red, I love red. You love to play ‘Call of Duty’, I suck at ‘Call of Duty. You love pancakes, I love pancakes. Your favorite treat is Rice Krispies treat.”

He finished with: “I want you to know, even though I’m not able to see you and be with you, I want you to know you’re already one of the most amazing and coolest kids I’ve ever spoken to. You are stronger than I will ever be.”

Hang in there, Dwayne! You are a kind man.