Big Updates On Cena’s And Lesnar’s Futures!

Since it is the time for the Royal Rumble build to start heating up, it means that Wrestlemania season is commencing. The road to Mania begins with the Royal Rumble PPV and the Rumble match itself on January 28th in Philly. WWE always wants to have their biggest stars on board for the road to Mania, and we expect nothing less this time around.

Speaking of their most important guys, there is an update of two of the biggest that they have on their payroll. One of them is the sixteen time World Champion and the face that ran the place for over a decade. John Cena is going to be in the Royal Rumble as he has announced that on Twitter.

There were rumors that John Cena might be winning the whole thing in Philly on January 28th, but we now know that it’s unlikely to happen. He is for sure going to look strong in the match, but since his planned opponent is not in either title picture, he is likely going to fall short in this clash.

As far as Lesnar is concerned, his contract with the WWE is going to expire after the biggest show of the year in New Orleans, Wrestlemania 34. According to the reports, there is a clause in his deal that can keep him in the WWE for a couple more months, until August of 2018 to be exact.

Now, since his fight with Jon Jones is almost for sure not going to happen, the chances of him re-signing with the WWE are pretty good. He gets a lot of money for doing not that much. It is just a deal that we don’t see anybody saying no to.