Big Winner During Dallas Cowboys Training Camp

We know that there are quite a few players on this Dallas Cowboys roster that have a guaranteed spot. For them, training camp comes as a way of preparing for the season and what is waiting for them in the remaining part of 2017. For others, training camp is where they get to show off what they can do and to prove to everybody on the team that they should make the final 53-man roster.

Making it in the NFL isn’t easy as there is a fierce competition between the players. Guys that are new and that have never stepped a foot on the NFL field have a lot to prove to coaches. They need to learn the game on a pro level, which is a whole another beast from what they learned in college football. One of those guys for the Cowboys is Jaylon Smith.

After he spent all of his rookie year on the injured reserve list, this talented linebacker is ready to make an impact in his second season. There is a reason for the Cowboys drafting him as high as he did. If he can stay healthy, he will make some noise for this squad.

So far in the training camp, he has made a big impact. The coaches are really happy with what they are seeing from this athletic and explosive linebacker. When a player is coming off a big injury like Jaylon is, the thing that you will be looking at is how is his body holding up. So far, he has exceeded all the expectations, which makes him a big winner so far.