Biggest Losers From Tony Romo Retiring

Just like there are the winners from Tony Romo retiring, there are those that are negatively affected by the decision that this guy made yesterday. The ripple effect is a real thing, and this move to CBS that Romo is making isn’t great for everybody. Here are the losers from this retirement announcement.

1) Houston Texans – An obvious pick for the loser of this Romo situation. They need a quarterback and this guy was their prime candidate. Well, now when that is not happening, they will either need to draft a signal caller or maybe put Tom Savage in a position in which he was in at the end of the last year – a starter in the NFL.

2) Phill Simms – Well, this is a tough break for Simms who is now losing his spot in the commentating booth to Tony Romo. He is going from a high-profile job on TV alongside Nantz, to probably being some kind of an analyst for the CBS. Big downgrade for Phill Sims.

3) John Elway – Even though the Broncos were pretty quiet about this Tony Romo situation, there is no doubt that John Elway would have made some kind of a move to get QB if he wanted to play for a team not named the Dallas Cowboys. Now, he is going to have to go with Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch. Elway has two young signal callers on the roster, so there is no way that he is going to take another quarterback in the draft. If he were to add a QB, it would be a veteran like Romo. Now, he has no other options but to go with Siemian.