Was Tony Romo Wrong for Not at Least Talking with Other Teams?

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Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, has informed other 31 general managers in the NFL that Cowboys’ signal caller is available to talk with potential suitors. This story was the main news of yesterday before Tony decided otherwise. The retirement was a bit surprise, but that decision was accepted by Cowboys fans with delight. Tony Romo has retired as a Cowboy. In case Romo didn’t do this, he would be able to visit other potential landing spots and could have private workouts for other squads as well as any kind of physical tests that other teams want to do.

By doing this, Jerry Jones probably wanted to use this as a trade bait and patiently wait for the Draft before he makes Romo’s release official. Tony went ahead of him, retired, and former QB will be removed from the roster during this day. It’s unclear whether or not some GMs were ready to offer some picks for Romo. With the way events turned out, it seems that nobody was willing to trade for this guy. The only reason that he was on the Dallas Cowboys is the fact that Jones waited to see if somebody makes a move for his favorite QB while he is still on the roster. This obviously didn’t happen, and Romo decided to accept the offer to become NFL analyst for CBS.

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The reports we had earlier claimed that Denver Broncos and the Houston Texans are among the teams that were interested in what Romo has to offer. Out of those two potential landing spots, Denver is the one that actually has multiple quarterbacks on the bench already while the Houston Texans really need a signal caller that can start in the NFL and lead them to the postseason. Now, Broncos will have to get the best out of Siemian and Lynch while Texans will have a real problem to find a QB of Romo’s quality to lead them to the playoffs.

Here is where we find the interesting part of the story. Romo is a fighter, a competitor. The offer from CBS was a lucrative one, but it’s not about money, it is about his inner desire to win a Super Bowl. Both Broncos and Texans are a quarterback short of such a feat. That posts the question? Why didn’t Romo took into consideration these possibilities?

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He would be released, either way, there was no trade option for him. Yes, there are his injuries, his health is important; if it were about money he would get that from Texans. What happened to his shot at SB? The only option in NFL that he left opened is that in the case that Cowboys need him he will be ready to return. A long shot, but one that is possible. He lost his spot to a younger Prescott, but there is no guaranty that Dak is going to impress in his second season or in a case of an injury Tony would step in his shoes just like Dak did for him last season.

Tony Romo saga lasted for long enough, but we expected more. Sincerely, Jones stated that the QB of his caliber could lead any team to the Super Bowl, and we genuinely hoped that he could. Maybe not the Cowboys, but Broncos or Texans, why not? In the end, he will be a part of one of the future SB’s at least as an analyst.