Biggest Snubs For All-Star Starting Spots

Just like every year, there are a lot of snubs when it comes to the All-Star voting. In almost every year, the snubs existed because the people voted for their favorite players and not for the guys that deserved to be in the game. This season, they are again coming because there are a lot of guys that deserve to start.

Isaiah Thomas is the snub in the Eastern Conference. He was third when it came to overall voting, but ended up third overall. He is the leading scorer in the Eastern Conference with over 28 points per game while leading the Celtics to the third place. The crew from Boston is playing great basketball right now, and this man is leading the way. He will make the game as a reserve, but it’s too bad that his amazing season isn’t going to be rewarded with a start.

Russell Westbrook is an obvious snub. James Harden has had a bit better season in our opinion, but Stephen Curry hasn’t. This man is averaging a triple-double while scoring more than 30 points per night. Curry hasn’t been as good as he was last year, but the fan vote and the fact that the Golden State Warriors have the best record were enough for the two-time NBA MVP to star over Russell Westbrook.

DeMarcus Cousins is another guy that can be considered as a snub. It’s not as obvious that he is a snub as it is when it comes to Thomas and Westbrook, but if Anthony Davis made the team with the kind of record that the Pelicans have then DeMarcus Cousins should have also been in the conversation for the All-Star starting lineup. While he will be voted in as a reserve, just like Thomas and Westbrook will, it’s too bad that there won’t be a spot for him as a starter.