Charlotte – Will There Be Season 2?

A very popular anime series Charlotte won the hearts of audience back in 2015 the same moment it was launched and its first season went pretty well. Ever since it finished, its fans have been wondering whether there will be Season 2. They seem to wish for this enthralling story to have a continuation. However, no official statement has been made regarding its second installment.

The story of the series is written by Jun Maeda, and it is produced by P. A. Works. Numerous satellite channels broadcasted it and viewers all across the world enjoyed its great story and graphics.


The story of the anime series happens at the same school throughout the whole season. It follows events that occur in this school regarding children who at first glance look like completely normal ones. Actually, they have powers which make them superior to humans. The main character is named Otosaka Yu, and his supernatural ability is to take the shape of any living being he wishes to. He is rather smart, and he uses this power of his to take shapes of other students and their knowledge in order to secure his place in this prestigious high school.

Although this power seems pretty cool, he is afraid of it until he meets Nao Tomori, who herself has amazing abilities, as well, which makes it much easier for him to deal with the situation. She has the superpower to teleport anything and anyone. As time passes, they learn they are not the only ones in possession of these abilities. The story becomes intriguing, and everyone is curious about what will happen next.

Charlotte Season 2 Release Date

At the moment, we don’t know whether the show will be renewed or canceled, but we are keeping our fingers crossed for P. A. Works to announce its renewal. We are looking forward to it being delivered this year.