Who Is The Biggest Surprise Of The NBA Season So Far?


Yes, there are a lot of teams that are failing to meet the expectation each and every year in the NBA. But, there are always some squads that are overachieving and playing better than even they expected. So far this season, that team has been the Houston Rockets who are led by James Harden.

There is no doubt about the fact that James Harden is one of the best players in the NBA. He is having a career year so far as he is running the show in Houston as a Point Guard in Mike D’Antoni’s system. Holding the ball and making all the decisions is what Harden is doing this season and it seems that plan like that is the best for the Houston Rockets.


They don’t play much defense under D’Anotni, but they are not a horrible defensive team. That is what is enabling them to sit at the fourth spot in the Western Conference. Morey has added a lot of shooters in the offseason who are just a perfect fit in this system. Those guys are spreading the floor and allowing James Harden to operate and do his thing.

This squad is still not a championship caliber team, but they are doing pretty good. Most of the people expected them to fight for those last spots in the Playoff Picture, but they are now one of the best, not only in the West but the entire league.