Cristiano Ronaldo Has A New Golden Hairdo

Cristiano Ronaldo is probably the most famous soccer player in the world (or is it Messi?) and paparazzi follow him all the time, so everything he does ends up in the news. Even when he appears with the new hairstyle, it is sensational news, but such is the life of a superstar like him.

Ronaldo’s new haircut, which we have had a chance to see this weekend, has gold highlights and already, there has been thousands of speculation why he decided to do that. He will probably win gold Ballon d’Or award on Monday, and this change may be the nod to it.

Ronaldo won the Champions League with Real Madrid, and he also led Portugal to win the European Championship this year, which may be the greatest accomplishment of this player. Back to his hair, though, what if he just wanted to change it a little bit? Possible. One fan wrote on Twitter: “Only @Cristiano Ronaldo can dye his hair and whole world will go crazy. #ballondor2016 #CristianoRonaldo”

The agreement between FIFA and France Football terminated, and FIFA is no longer in charge of giving the Ballon d’Or award. FIFA will give the award for the Best FIFA Men’s Player 2016 in January and Cristiano Ronaldo will probably win this award too.

Do you like his new hairstyle?