Dwayne Johnson and Jimmy Fallon Surprise Tonight Show Staff Member


Dwayne Johnson and Jimmy Fallon decided to surprise The Tonight Show producer Karina Kabalan on Friday’s episode. They arranged that her husband Todd Kabalan, who is the Air Force sergeant, comes and sees his wife for holidays. Karina, an Army vet, was pleasantly surprised and it was a shock for her to see her husband after 18 months.

The Rock walked through the audience with Jimmy Fallon, and they were trying to find the recipient of this surprise, but they were not successful. After they had established that the person they were looking for was not in the crowd, they went to the producers’ booth and Karina asked them as soon as they walked in: “What is happening right now?”

“You guys have been living apart for the past year and a half because he is 5,000 miles away. We wanted to thank you and your husband for your service and your sacrifice. And I personally heard you are the most amazing person and we wanted to bring your husband home for you for the holidays. Turn around and hug your husband,” said Johnson and Karina couldn’t believe here eyes as she burst into tears and hugged his spouse.

Jimmy Fallon was left speechless, and he was trying to hold his tears back. He said: “Oh man, I’m losing it right now.” Later on, he wrote on Twitter: “I can’t believe we pulled that off.” In his conversation with Jimmy Fallon, The Rock talked about how it’s like being the hottest man alive: “It’s just a continuation of just s— talking…from my boys. Kevin Hart demands a recount. But I tell Kevin, listen, there’s always never.”